Sunday, December 29, 2013

DCeric Game Preview: Need For Speed III Hot Pursuit w. 3Dfx enabled (PC)

(video)DCeric Productions

Back in the 90's Need For Speed had a big name for itself.  These days the series still carries itself but where the hot pursuits started was in Need for Speed III Hot Pursuit for both PSone and PC.  There is a few differences over both versions of the game.  PSone had a few bonus levels and maybe a few extra cars but the PC version had 3D acceleration using 3Dfx graphics cards and you could also drive as the police and pull over other racers unlike the PSone version.

I of course started playing the PSone version first so the only disappointment to me was the 3 missing bonus levels which I believe could only be played during 2 player anyways.  I got the PC version in the early 2000's and if I could remember correctly 3D acceleration worked fine on x32 Windows XP with an early Nvidia card.  But on future x64 Windows operating systems and newer graphics cards it made it more difficult to play the game with 3D acceleration or at all.

Well last night I don't know how I came across it but I found a video and tutorial on Youtube on how to get Need For Speed III Hot Pursuit to work on PC with 3D Acceleration.  The following link has a compressed file with a bunch of files you'll need to setup the game to work with 3D Acceleration along with the tutorial on how to do so.  The tutorial was not created by me but ChronoDog.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

DCeric Game Previews: Screamer 2 (PC)

Well I have been thinking about Screamer 2 for awhile but it wasn't up until a friend had told me he got it and said it was a great racing game.  The game was released in 1996 for PC and was compared to V-Rally's gameplay.  The previous game played more like Namco's, Ridge Racer. The difficulty in Screamer 2 can be pretty hard. The easiest setting is called Rookie it might be easier then the rest and you'll have a better chance of winning with this difficulty.

But with all difficulties you'll still have cars either behind you or smashing into you making your car spin off the track and making it hard to drive.  The graphics in the game weren't to bad either this was around the time Anti aliasing was making its way into 3D gaming making polygons more sharp and smooth and of course making PC gaming ahead of its time allowing games to be played in higher resolutions.

The games controls can be a little rough around the edges cause racing games never feel good with a keyboard and today's gamepads may not work as good as the gamepads that were made to play with this game back in the 90's. The game contains 7 race tracks that includes a bonus level.  The game also includes four cars which include two 4WD, 1 FWD and 1 RWD.  I would highly suggest a 4WD cause these vehicles are easier to control.

This game isn't to bad from the little time I've had with it but I do plan on putting more time into it and if your fan of the Arcade racers of the 90's you'll love this one.  You can get this game at and its compatible with both PC and Mac OS X.  This game may also be compatible with Linux but has went untested. Right now there is an amazing deal so get it as quick as possible.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

How to Run Steam OS with Windows

Well Steam OS is not just limited to a stand alone desktop interface and of course downloading a bunch of files to install it.  In fact Windows users can actually use Steam OS right from their own Windows machine with a simple command seen in the screenshot below.

After you input the command run the Steam shortcut on your desktop and Steam will automatically load Steam OS Big Screen mode.  There is obviously not much of a difference other then a new update screen which shows within Big Screen mode instead of the old Desktop update.  Below is a screen with a copyright disclaimer for Steam OS again running on Windows 8.1.

Now you don't have to download Steam OS to enjoy its benefits you can enjoy it using it right from your Windows Operating system.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Xump (2013) in game Screenshot (Puzzle Game)

Well the Xump team is still at work with Xump (duh) which if you didn't know had a release back in 2005.  I was told by the developer himself to forget about the 2005 version and prepare for this one.  I fondly remember the 2005 version the graphics weren't amazing but the one thing that kept me playing was the fun factor.  Its one of those games where you have to walk all over the bricks so you can make it to the finish.  It wasn't always easy to do and I remember quite a few times I had to restart a level and think real hard on how to complete a level.

The 2013 release will be pretty much an enhanced version over the 2005 release which I believe will contain the same puzzles and maybe new ones.

The developer also tells me he is unsure at the moment of which platform it will be released on first. The systems I do believe they will be released on is Dreamcast, GP32, PC, Amiga and possibly others. Most of Xumps developers also have worked on other titles like the Sqrxz series, and Giana's Return.  Both series of games have been favorable and have been mildly know as very strategic and difficult games which the developers have been known for.

At the moment there isn't a dedicated site for information on the game but you can join the Retroguru group on Facebook for future updates.

Video of Xump (2005) for Dreamcast

Saturday, December 14, 2013

The DCeric Show still on Hiatus...

That's right as the title says I am still on hiatus.  I from time to time have great ideas put through this mighty mind of mine.  At this moment I am still having some minor issues with health mostly being tired all the time and having no energy to put forward a great show.  But that isn't my main concern as of now.  The issue that is bothering me has been bothering me for awhile.  Youtube has now put stricter guidelines to their copyright restrictions.

Now even if your playing a game through a play through your video may get a copyright strike or 3rd party match even if your voice is included in the video.  Which means not only my live shows but my reviews might be attacked by this new restriction.  I don't know what is going to happen to my previous videos but I already got a copyright 3rd party match to my play through of Donkey Kong Country. I knew there was an odd issue regarding the video when there wasn't a complaint about how long the video was or the fact its the full game in 2 hours.

That's right I got attacked for using Donkey Kong Country music 98mins into the play through.  I'm not even doing monetization on the video and the video contains voice and I get attacked.  Its just a shame really cause if it was at the beginning or something I could understand the complaint but 98mins in and then say there is an issue.  Well as of right now I'm going to wait until Google and Youtube get this resolved and when they do I hope to come back with a review.

Its a freakin shame game companies attack Youtube users when what most of us try to do is advertise their game so people go out and buy it.  But nope the company wants to attack us with Copyright strike and 3rd party match.  Your basically telling us not to help you out which is a bloody shame.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Steam OS Now Available!!!! (UPDATED)

Steam OS is now available to download as mentioned just yesterday.  So if anybody is interested in getting their hands on it then head on over to

The download will also be available at shortly.  Now gamer's can enjoy an operating system that is dedicated for gaming through a PC.  So prepare for the future of gaming my friends I'm hoping this will pull through and it will receive great Commercial support and customer feedback.

(UPDATE): Please be advised that this will wipe everything in your machine so unplug any hard drives that you don't want wiped for more information visit the first link above 

Quantum Rush (PC, BETA)

Well for years now everybody has been hoping for a new F-Zero game for a Nintendo System or even a new Wipeout game for PC.  Well we might be looking for awhile but Quantum Rush looks like a free to play game which resembles the game play from both of those games.  Its supposed to be an online futuristic racing game with decent looking arcadish graphics.  Right now they are accepting registration for the beta so if your interested head on down to for more information.

Watch this video for a sneak peak of the game play:

P.S. Thanks Richard (Lyonhrt) for the heads up :)

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Road Blaster, Unofficially Ported (SNES)

I certainly don't ever remember playing this for any of the systems the game was released on.  However this is dated news but i'm sure there is tons of people who don't know about this news.  The game has been unofficially ported to the Super Nintendo.  The port developer however is on hiatus so you won't be seeing any further updates to the game until he comes out of hibernation.  The game is available for download and the author has also released the source code if anybody plans to do more work on this release or simply port it to other systems like the Dreamcast.

This game is one of those cinematic games where you have to press a certain button or number of buttons at a certain time so you can complete the game.  This version of the game is only compatible with certain SNES SD Cartridges and is only compatible with the BSNES (Super Nintendo Emulator) and comes in a wopping download size of 453mb's.  I'm not sure if there is any legal issues with this port but you must take this into your own hands and I won't be held liable for any problems that occur.  

Downloads and information available at the following link:

Steam OS Available to Download Soon

I'm sure you thought to yourself it would be interesting to get a Steambox just so you can use the Steam OS. Well no worries Valve will be releasing the Steam OS free to everyone tomorrow.  This of course is good news cause Gabe Newell has dissed Windows 8 along with many others.  Steam OS of course will be a Linux based OS and plans to have great commercial support along with indie support.

Steam OS will also have support with drivers for certain video cards. There was also news that Nvidia will bring drivers to support Linux operating systems. Well this is good timing and hopefully Linux will be the OS people will run to.  I'm a big fan of Windows but it just seems that its a broken mess Windows 7 was very stable.  Windows 8 or 8.1 isn't to bad but things can be rather pricey unlike Linux where things are mostly open sourced and available for free and the GPL License Library.

For further information please visit the following link where the OS may also be available to download tomorrow:

The BoneDevil - Speedfreak (music video)

Usually I don't do this but hey I gotta give a shout out to my old pal Angus and Chris cause this video is freakin mad.  If your a gamer want something to listen to check this track out now.

You can buy the record from:

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Riptide GP available Free (Amazon Appstore)

Riptide GP is available for free as the free app of the day on Amazon's Appstore for your Android Tablets and Android Mobile.  Grab it quickly my friends before its taken down.  This game is a big fav of mine reminds me of Jetmoto for PSone and its that type of quality game that I really enjoy.  Vector Unit gave us a good one here and lets not forget Hydro Thunder Hurricane available for Xbox 360 and Windows 8.  So log into Amazon Appstore to get your free copy today.  Watch the video below for what you'll be missing out on this of course is the Windows 8 version but is pretty much identical.

RIP Danny Wells, and Christopher Evan Welch

Well its been a long week of horrible tragic deaths that including Paul Walker, Roger Rodas, Nelson Mandela, Jane Kean and of course two actors we knew from our childhood actor Danny Wells who played Luigi in Super Mario Bros. Super Show in the late 80's and early 90's and Christopher Evan Welch who played as Tails on Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog a great cartoon show in the 90's.

I remember as a child I'd wake up every Saturday morning for the children programming and it included Super Mario Bros. Super Show and as a kid you would just get all gitty waiting for these two guys dancing around making us smile.  The show also starred Lou Albano who played as Mario he also passed away in 2009.

YTV was great for its animated series and I do remember waiting anxiously when ever Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog would come on and I believe it would come on after I came home from school.  Both cartoon series were great and just got us kids wanting more and of course right after would make us play the video games the shows were based off.

BlackThorne Available for Free

Blizzard Entertainment has now released BlackThorne available for free to users who have a account.  All you have to do is just sign in and go to clients and once loaded you'll see BlackThorne available as a free download.   This kind of went under the radar I have only known of one site to mention this news and I heard it through a friend of mine.  But if you want to know what this game is about its a bit like Flashback and was released in 1994 for MS-Dos and SNES then it was ported along other consoles following years.

For more information sign into

Thursday, December 5, 2013

DCeric Plays: Donkey Kong Country (SNES)

What was originally supposed to be just a test for quality purposes turned into a live show.  I really wish the quality could have turned out better but I will say it is watchable.  For those of you who are fans of the Donkey Kong Country series you won't want to miss me playing 2hrs worth of Donkey Kong Country 1. That is right I actually beat the whole game in 2 hours lots of great memories and fun with this game and I am here to show it to you now in full glory 20 years later after its release.

I am not sure if I will continue doing live shows or not do to the quality purposes but if you the viewers think the quality is fine for classic games I might just keep doing them for classic games only.  Please enjoy the video and watch history unfold from 1994.  I will warn you that the first part of the game was completed but the rest is all there.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy 15th Birthday to the Sega Dreamcast

It was on this day back in 1998 in Japan that one of the most wonderful systems was born and I and many others were bashing it.  Of course it did have a cult following to with others and eventually I followed in the footsteps when I purchased one just as Sega said it was going to pull Dreamcast off the production line.  Well even at this age I picked my brand who I loved it wasn't just about the games back then. It wasn't just the commercial games I enjoyed about the Dreamcast it was cause of the many other things you could do with the Dreamcast that was done by the homebrew community.

A lot of people remember the day's which posted the very first homebrew game and of course got responses from Sega from time to time for using illegal code.  Of course Sega kept an eye on the Dreamcast scene and thanks to Dan Potter for creating a homebrew engine which allowed many people to create legal software and games for the Dreamcast called KOS.  When  I started playing the Dreamcast it wasn't cause of its commercial library it was infact do to its homebrew community.  Where I have met a lot of amazing people like Reaper, Kojote, GPF and many others.

LOL most people had called me the spawn of the homebrew community and that was cause I wanted people to see what the Dreamcast could do.  I was the guy who looked for open source codes for certain games to be ported to the Dreamcast.  Then of course went to and posted request after request of games that should be ported.  A lot of coders were angered by this and this was also cause Wraggster the site admin made a new thread for port requests.  Of course at the time I didn't realize how hard it was to port a game to the Dreamcast nor did I know how angered these coders were at porting these games.  Some did enjoy it and what I enjoyed about these requests is that we got a lot of amazing games and of course it spread the word about the coder who ported the game.

Well anyways I soon got into the commercial area of gaming for the Dreamcast and what got me excited about the Dreamcast was that you could play games online.  I remember working at a local mall and seen Phantasy Star Online V.2 brand new in a package for 12 dollars or something and bought it.  I played a bit of the game a few years before and didn't like it and that was cause I didn't know how to play the game.  So the day I got this I popped it in and did some in game quests which taught me how to play the game and bam I became a PSO fanboy.

The sad part about this though was when I got the game Sega just pulled the plug on the servers to play the game online but thanks to Schtserv they made a hack to allow people to play on their own homemade server.  I remember summer weekends staying up all night playing this game online with people and man it was so much fun.

Of course now a days I really don't play the Dreamcast version much and that is cause back in 2004 Sega released Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst for PC which would contain the Dreamcast's Episode 1, the Xbox's Episode 2 and a new 4th episode.  The only reason why the 3rd episode wasn't in the game was cause it was some sort of card game released for the Gamecube.  Anyways Sega soon pulled the plug on the servers for that game as well and once again Schtserv pulled through by allowing us to play the game free of charge.

Well anyways back to the Dreamcast it of course has a nice library of commercial games and of course homebrew games as well and the hombrew community is still going strong at sites like, and many others.  But of course there is a great number of commercial homebrew games still getting released to this day.  The community is still going very strong and I will leave links to the games that got released and are still available to purchase.

The Dreamcast also released many amazing accessories for the Dreamcast a Mic for Seaman and for use in some online games.  A fishing rod to use in Sega Bass Fishing, Maracas for use in Samba Di Amigo, dance mats for Dance Dance Revolution, a VMU which was the memory card for saving games and of course a small pocket gaming platform.  Lets also not forget they also released a Keyboard and a Mouse to use in games like Quake 3 Arena and to use for web browsing.  For a short time Sega released a Broadband Adapter but this came on short supply and now is being called a collectors item and is selling near 200 dollars.

Dreamcast also had many other accessories it planned on releasing like a MP3 player, and a ZIP Disk Unit which were both not released.  The homebrew community has also been making its own accessories and the one thats being most used at this very moment is a SD Adapter.

The SD Adapter can be used with commercial games but it causes with some issues cause it uses the serial port of the Dreamcast which doesn't really allow fast loading and can cause most commercial games to lag.  Most if not all homebrew games are playable and play really well with the unit.  Some homebrew games also allow you to save your game using the SD Adapter and of course use other features that programmers put in the game.

Another cool accessory is not one that does anything specific to your game but makes the picture quality quite amazing.  That of course is the VGA Cable or VGA Box Adapter which I believe Sega produced for a very short time but these accessories changed the picture quality from 480i to 480p.  But again in the homebrew community they made their own VGA Cables and Box Adapters.  Of course there was issues with the VGA cable and that was cause of the programmers of some of the famous games for the Dreamcast.  There is a code at each start up of a Dreamcast game which detected what kind of cable you were using for the TV screen.  So some games would display an error saying that you are using a video cable that isn't compatible with this game please use the proper cables.

So there was a few games in the Dreamcast's commercial library that didn't allow you to play using a VGA cable.  But once again the homebrew community came along and created CD based bootdisks that would force some games to use the VGA adapters but this didn't work on all games but it did expand the library significantly.  I have had 2 Vga adapters in my library one by Racketboy which wasn't very popular to many people in the Dreamcast Community but I really didn't have an issue with it.

I bought another one called Hanzo which I did a review for and comes with a crap load of features that the Racketboy and other versions didn't have and I will post a link to my review on the Hanzo shortly which will also contain a link on where to buy one.

I was a big fan of the Dreamcast when I bought it around 2002-2003 and to this day I am still a very big fan of this machine.  It brought many amazing commercial games, brought amazing homebrew ports, apps emulators and other homebrew creations.  It also brought amazing hardware and to this day I have never seen a system other then a PC have so many creative ideas.

It comes with a few flaws but that's only with Emulation, the VGA Adapter, and Online gaming.  But I do believe that anybody who is a big fan of retro gaming should get this machine or anybody into arcade gaming and heck anybody into gaming should get a Dreamcast.  Now I will leave you with a crap load of links to interesting things that will make you want a Dreamcast.


Hanzo Review (also contains purchase link): DCeric Hanzo Review

Dreamcast homebrew communities:, (formerly, (Spanish), IMR Technology (No Longer Active but contains downloads) and (formerly

Homebrew Commercial Games: Hope (EBAY)SturmwindDux Mahjong XYXFeet of Fury

Dreamcast Homebrew OS for creating and porting games:

Dreamcasts Consoles, VGA Adapters, Commercial Games and other accessories can be found on Ebay you can get Hanzo VGA Adapter at Dreamcast VGA box & Scanline generator

Monday, October 28, 2013

DCeric Plays: Super Mario Land (GB)

Well its been awhile but now I am back for a sick episode of me playing Super Mario Land for the Gameboy on the Super Gameboy for the Super Nintendo.  That's right I wanted to see if I could beat this game and I did.  Of course lets not forget I had my buddy Andy join the stream tonight and you can check him out at

Sunday, October 27, 2013

DCeric Productions Game Preview: Reflex (PC)

If you want a sick ass shooter check out Reflex. If your a fan of Ikaruga type game play then you'll enjoy this. The graphics aren't of those 3D type games with super flashy stuff but hey this is great for an arcade shooter and if your a fan of arcade shooters then this game is for you.  Its only one player but these are the sort of games where you don't always need a 2nd player.

If you like what you see you can buy the game at:

You can also try a trial at:

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Free Word Processing Software

I have had many people on my Facebook profile ask about cheaper ways of getting Microsoft Office or other software that will do the similar thing.  There is plenty of software out there that will do exactly what you need for either a low cost for the price of absolutely nothing.  The software will also open Microsoft Office documents as well. There maybe limitations mind you but some are very minor and some offer you to pay to get more out of the software.

Here is one thing you'll have to remember though.  Every time you save a file remember to save it as a file that can be either readable on other operating systems or other Office software.  The files that are mostly readable on other software and operating systems can be saved as rich text formats (.rtf), .doc, and .docx.  That is where a lot of people have issues cause you can save it as a specific document that may not be readable on Microsoft Office.

Some of the software have different features which are good for certain businesses but if all your looking for is word processing they all usually work about the same.  There is plenty of other office suites as well but below is what is most popular

Libre Office - Windows, Linux and Mac OS/X (Free)

Open Office - Windows, Linux and Mac OS/X (Free)

Kingsoft Office - Windows (Free Shareware Based)

Word Perfect - Windows (Trial, Full $169.99)

Microsoft Office 2013 - Windows (multiple priced packages)

How to Message People on Facebook

Yes believe it or not people do have issues with the messaging feature on Facebook which is also built into the chat feature.  But this tutorial will show you how to message to multiple people as well.

First off click the messages icon circled in red

Next press Send a New Message circled in red

 A chat box will open at the bottom which is also 
used for messaging people.  Type the names of the 
people you want to include in the message a box
may open with the people who are in your friends list
select the ones you want to include.  Then type your
where it says Type message here.  After your done 
typing your message press enter.  It should now
be sent to all your friends that you selected.

How to Activate a Game on Steam

The reason I am doing this believe it or not some people don't know how to activate a game on Steam.  Well here is some easy steps on activating a retail or download serial number if compatible with Steam.

First off after logging into Steam press on Games circled in Red

                                 Next press Activate a Product located in the Red circle on Steam  

Next type in the serial number of the game your trying to Activate

Once you have done so your game should be activated if it doesn't activate its either cause your game is not compatible with Steam or there maybe issues with the Activation.  If your having problems with the Activation visit and go to Support.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Nordic Games Humble Bundle Weekly Sale

That's right Humble Bundle is back at it again with another new Weekly Sale this time with a bunch of games from Nordic Games. If you pay a dollar or more you'll get Red Faction Armageddon, Supreme Commander, Supreme Commander Forged Alliance, The Guild 2 and The Neighbors From Hell Compilation.

If you pay $6 dollars or more you'll receive those games and Painkiller: Hell and Damnation, Arcania, Darksiders II, and Spellforce 2: Faith and Destiny.

Get gaming with great deals and check Humble Bundle often for great deals and get that list growing.

(These games are for Windows PC)

Jetpack Joyride Free for PS3

Jetpack Joyride has been released for Blackberry, IOS, Android and Windows mobile phones.  The game also got released for Windows 8 and then not to long after it got released for PS3, PSP and PS Vita.  The game has been released for free on all platforms except the PSP version which got bad reviews on other dedicated game review sites.

I first played the game on Windows 8 and shortly there after I tested it on my father's iphone, my mothers android based phone and not to long after that for the PS3.  Whats interesting about this game is it captures the retro goodness of the 90's.  The graphics kind of remind me of the 16bit to 32bit decade of gaming.

The main objective is to fly as far as you can get in the game.  As you get further in the game the speed progresses faster and you have dodge electric prods, missiles and electric lasers that move in different positions each and every time you run into them.  The main part of the game has you doing missions which as you see in the video I have to tap each light there will also be others like giving high fives to the scientists and many more.  You have 3 missions per play and when you beat one mission it will be filled in place with a new one.

The game can get generally hard but through the game game there is a few things that can help you out.
Through out each play of the game you can collect coins which is in game money that can be spent in the in game store.  You can buy clothing, items that enhance your characters actions and items that'll help you progress through each play.  Each play through you also have special gadgets that help you as well.  There is a dragon, a bird plane, a motorcycle, a magnet suit, a mech and a teleport that come at random times when ever you hit a rainbow tool box.

My favorite of all of them is the bird plane which I feel is pretty easy to handle and is actually quite a funny character.  Each and every time you get one of these special gadgets the speed slows down but gradually speeds up and once you hit an object your gadget then blows up and you go back to playing the game as your original character.

There is another special coin in the game to collect which has an X marked on it.  These items will fly across the screen at any given moment and even at times where you have to dodge those lousy laser beams or electric prods or even those rockets.  When you die you play a slot machine type of game but you are only limited to play the game for how many X coins you picked up. The items in the game can either revive you, give you double coinage,  explode your character farther on the play field or can even double up your X coins so you can continue to play the slot machine for more chances at getting more items.

Now for the sound it isn't to bad but I don't believe you'd listen to the games main theme on the road unless of course your a big fan of video game music.  Generally there is only one track through out the game and it can get a bit repetitive but thanks to the games features it can be easily ignored.  The game also includes sound effects not that you'd really pay attention to them anyways but some of the objects contain sound effects and there is also explosion sound effects.  The sound effects aren't all that great but yes the explosion sound effect sounds pretty awesome.

Well if you beat the game then your next mission is to compete against your buddies score.  Every time you play the game records how far you got in the game and the highest mileage you have reached will be on the main screen which is pretty much your score in the game.  The game also includes 12 achievements which I haven't collected yet on the PS3 version.

Well as you can see I played rather poorly in the video.  I actually beat the game on Windows 8 and grabbed all of the achievements.  I found the game to be pretty fun and at times really difficult but you should gradually be able to beat the game with good strategies.  The only thing I found to be annoying like most mobile games or any games of this decade is it contains micro-transactions which help you either skip missions or buy certain items that you can buy with the in game cash.  So there is no real need to spend your money unless you are finding the game rather difficult.

I found that when the game was first released on the PS3 the framerate had issues and that could be cause its a port of a mobile game which is a completely different architecture then consoles and PC.  But the game actually plays a lot better now on all platforms as long as your platform can handle it.  The PS3 version got a good port with the only issue being that it has borders but it contains most of the areas that are available in the mobile versions of the game.  From what I have played of the Windows 8 version I don't believe it contains the volcano part of the game.

Well this game is pretty excellent if you like what you read from my review and watched the video above then you should give this game a try.  If you would like to get your hands on Jetpack Joyride for PS3 you can get it at the following link:!/en-ca/cid=UP4249-NPUB31097_00-JETPACKJOYRIDE00.

For all other versions of the game check the store apps for whatever device you prefer to play the game on and enjoy the game!!!

Bioshock 2 GFWL Owners Get Free Steam Activation

That's right for those of you who already own Bioshock 2 on disk you can now use your serial number to activate the game on Steam.  With activating the game on Steam you get all of the games DLC, Steam achievements, and you'll be able to play using the Xbox 360 controller.  That's right all this for free and why did this happen cause you won't be able to buy the DLC for your GFWL copy anymore cause Microsoft removed the store in August.  I hope other companies will make the jump soon like Codemasters for Dirt 2 and Dirt 3.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Foosball (SDISO, Dreamcast)

Here is another game that comes from the realm.  There isn't much to explain here but its Foosball in video game form and I believe it also supports 2 players.  Watch the video for more information or go to the link above.

This game is in SDISO format but you can use Bootdreams to create a bootable Dreamcast CD-Rom Image.

Download available at:

Fenix Collection Vol.2 (SDISO, Dreamcast)

Here is the Fenix Collection Vol. 2 which contains more Fenix hits.  Some of the games as said may not be good for children.  These games were intended to be games that looked like SNES games and easier to port to any video game console or pc.

This game is in SDISO format you can use Bootdreams to create a bootable Dreamcast CD-Rom Image.

Fenix Collection Vol.1 (SDISO, Dreamcast)

A few years back the team used the Fenix engine to port over games which looked similar to the Super Nintendo.  At the time everybody was getting excited cause SNES emulation isn't an easy task for the Dreamcast.  Fenix wasn't by any means the greatest thing there was a few games that were great but most are pretty simple games and a lot of them are broken.  This collection has a lot great games however there is a few that aren't good for the children.

This game is in SDISO format however you can use Bootdreams to create a bootable Dreamcast CD-Rom Image.

Feet of Fury (SDISO, Dreamcast, Preview)

This was one of the first homebrew Dreamcast games that was released commercially but here I have a preview edition.  The full game isn't easy to find these days but if you click this link: you might be able to get a hold of a copy.  The game is primarily a clone of Dance Dance Revolution but you can customize the game to play music from your home collection.

This is in SD ISO format however you can use Bootdreams to make a bootable Dreamcast CD-Rom Image.

Asgard Met Vikings (Amiga)

My buddy Kojote told me about this cool game.  He is a big fan of Amiga games and usually anything related to retro gaming and can't stand the gaming of today.  Well I some what understand his issues with gaming today and I decided I would check out Asgard Met Vikings which is available for free as a download for playable on Amiga.

There is a single player and 2 player game selection.  I have only been able to play the single player mode so I can't explain how fun it is with 2 player mode but i gather it would be fun to add a buddy into the game. The single player game is pretty fun you play as Svelgur and you catch beer bottles from Odin a god from Asgard.  After collecting up to 10 beers you have to go to the barrels at each side of the screen to fill them up.  You must fill the barrel's or you can't capture anymore beer bottles.

When you have dropped 10 beer bottles its the end of the game.  Also you'll have to dodge and wack gremlins that get in your way.  You collect score points in the game from dropping beer bottles in your barrels and wacking the gremlins.  At the end of each game you'll be able to put your name in for a Highscore.  I had an issue with that using WinUAE but I believe that has been resolved.

In 2 player mode your buddy plays as Ragnar and you play as a team doing everything you do in the single player mode.

The game was created by Evoke with coding by Pinhead, Graphics by Lemmy, Music by Premium and the website was developed by Kasbah.  The graphics of course are like your average 16bit game with colorful and shiny sprites which pull your eyes right into the game.  The music in the game isn't to bad either for a simple small mini game but don't expect a lot of music.  The game plays overall not to bad I think there might be a few glitches where you can walk right through a gremlin without it hurting you i'm not really sure if this is a glitch or you just getting lucky.

Well anyways its a small little mini game and pretty addictive can you beat my score seen in the video above if so download the game from the link below.  In order for you to play the game on a standard PC you'll need the WinUAE emulator I won't link that here but you'll be able to find it with a quick search on Google. Do not ask me for the BIOS Rom's again Google will help you with that.

Game is available at:

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

RIP Tom Clancy

Well I never really got into any of Tom Clancy's games for the consoles and PC probably played bits and pieces and never read any of the books or watch the movies based on them.  That doesn't mean this man shouldn't be recognized for all the stuff he has brought for the entertainment industry.  Games like Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six and Splinter Cell have been well known games to players of the FPS genre of games.

Lots of people have read his books and watched his movies and every time you hear Tom Clancy in the title you know exactly what your about to read or watch.

I should really get into the Tom Clancy series of games cause its these sort of games that actually teach people how to be a better player in the FPS genre.  Its sad to hear the loss cause he brought so much action to everything he wrote and for that he will be missed rest in peace Mr. Clancy.

Valhalla Knights is free for the PSP

I just found out today that Valhalla Knights is available for free for the PSP.  It didn't get the kindest of reviews from Gamespot or IGN but I do think its at least playable and hey its free so its worth it to me.  If you would like to get your hands on this game check it out at the download link below.


For reviews check out these links:

IGN Valhalla Knights Review

Gamespot Valhalla Knights Review

Monday, September 23, 2013

Steam OS

A new Linux based OS is coming straight from Valve headquarters called Steam OS which will of course be used to play Steam games.  Being Linux based I presume that the only games compatible with it out of the box would be Linux compatible games.  Gabe had shown his hatred towards Microsoft with its release of Windows 8.  Gabe then fired back with a Steam client which could be used on compatible Linux Distro's like Ubuntu.

I'm not sure how many people have been on the Linux bandwagon with Steam but is Linux the future I guess we'll have to wait and see.  There isn't many features that fly at the moment other then In Home Streaming and Game Sharing.  Game Sharing of course will allow you to share your account with other members in your family or friends you can trust.  While this is enabled your friends can play your games in which you can't for the time being.

Game sharing was actually to be something Microsoft wanted for the Xbox One but since has been removed do to its DRM policies.  Another feature states you'll be able to listen to music and watch tv and movies I'm not quite sure how this will work but being an OS it might be an open desktop environment.

At the moment there isn't much information other then some basics of what the OS will do but if you keep your eyes on you'll be notified with more information as it progresses.

Nights Into Dreams (GamersGate Deal)

Those of you who are fans of the Nights Into Dreams classic which was released for the Sega Saturn back in 1996 can get a great deal on the game playable on your PC.  If you go to you can get the game for $2.50.  Once purchased you can use the serial key that was given to you and activate it on Steam.  You can now play the game in HD and the game also includes online achievements.

Get the game while the deal is still in place at:

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Kinectimals coming soon for Windows 8

It was told at the launch of Windows 8 that Kinectimals was going to be released for Windows 8.  Well we hadn't heard much news about it for awhile and people were thinking that it might be cause Windows 8 is doomed and the Kinect might not be to profitable for the operating system.  That may or may not be true but I found today in the Games For Windows Live app for Windows 8 an icon for Kinectimals.  I clicked play to see if it was available in the store it isn't yet but should be with in the next few days.  This of course could be good news for PC gamers and bring more possibilities for PC gaming.  I'm just hoping that Kinect is going to expand out of the Xbox Live Games for Windows and can be featured in many other games for PC.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Toe Jam and Earl 3 beta for Dreamcast?

That's right I just spotted a post with somebody indicating they bought a Dreamcast Devkit that could have a build of Toe Jam and Earl 3.  Now hopefully its true and hopefully its a pretty complete version none the less it would be good to see a release of this in the interwebs complete or not.

For more information about this check the below:

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Xbox Ones Release Date

Xbox One has finally received a release date and it looks like people will be getting theirs on November 22nd of this year.  A lot of people earlier this year were not to happy about the system and that would include myself.  Most of the issues were of course surrounded at the systems DRM which meant your system had to be connected to the internet in order to play games.  That of course since has been pulled all users now can play there games without having an internet connection if they get the systems first update and you'll be able to play used games.

Other issues were that the system was forced to use Kinects voice recognition which a lot of people thought was foolish.  That has since been pulled from the system as well and the user has an option to either use Kinect voice recognition or use the controller.  What this will mean for the future of Xbox One would possibly lead to a price drop considering its almost $100 dollars more then the PS4 cause it comes bundled with a Kinect.  So lets hope everything goes well for the Xbox and everybody can get it November 22nd.

(UPDATE) Guess I could have included the price which will be $500 dollars so prepare to mortgage your home

Lord of the Rings War In The North, Steam Deal

You can grab Lord of The Rings War In The North for 4.99 its regular price 19.99.  So if your a fan of this game you'll be saving that 15 dollars what are you waiting for get it today.

You can get the game here:

Men of War Collection, Bundle Stars deal

You can right now grab the whole Men of War Collection at Bundle Stars which means all the games and there DLC for $3.14 the total value of this package is $150.  So sounds like a great deal right well head on over to and grab the collection i'm sure $3.14 isn't that bad of a deal.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Ha ha Senator John McKain Caught Playing his Iphone

                                         (Photo by Melina Mara/The Washington Post)

Well if you were bored watching that Senate hearing today lol Senator John McKain wasn't cause he was caught over the shoulder playing his Iphone by the Washington Post. Then John McKain himself tweets " Scandal! Caught playing iPhone game at 3+ hour Senate hearing - worst of all I lost!"

For more information on that visit:

Gunlord for 3DS and Wii U (Indiegogo)

Well i'm a little late on the news but NG:DEV.TEAM's release of Gunlord for the Sega Dreamcast might be getting developed for the Nintendo DS and Wii U if they can come up with the funds.  With your help we can make this possible cause they have setup an Indiegogo and are asking for your help.  Visit the following link for more information and watch the teaser below:

WRC 3 Fia World Rally Championship, Gamersgate Deal

Right now you can get WRC 3 Fia World Rally Championship for $20.00 that's about half price which well is a pretty damn good deal so get it before it goes back to $39.99

If your interested in picking this title up you can get it from:

Star Trek, Steam Deal

Star Trek the latest game is available for $14.99 get it before the price goes back up to $29.99

You can get the game here:

Metro series Steam Deal

The Metro series is on sale right now you can get Metro 2033 for $3.75 and you can get Metro Last Light $19.99.  Hurry up before they go back up!!!

You can check out the deals for both games at this link:

Gamefly Deals (PC GAMING)

Gamefly once again has some great deals for the following games:

Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY -%66
Batman Arkham City GOTY - %67
Transformers War For Cyberton -%50
The Amazing Spiderman -%50
King's Bounty Platinum Edition -%50
Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara  -%40
Deadpool -%33
Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs -%20
Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale -%50
The Walking Dead -%66
The Darkness II -%75
The Adventures of Tin Tin The Video Game -%75
Transformers Fall of Cybertron -%67

You can get the games at the following link:

Monday, September 2, 2013

Another Amazing Thanks to Justin Loebbaka

Well I have been having problems all week and today is slow for blogging for one reason.  I got this new board which seems to have issues with Windows 8.1 preview.  I thought everything was fine running with Windows 8 but 8.1 preview non stop issues.  The first i got this board it had paste on the socket so I had to clean it with rubbing alcohol and a tooth brush.  Then of course I had issues running copies of Windows I purchased cause they had OEM license restrictions to one board.  So I had asked for donations and I do feel bad about asking donations but there is things in my head that say its usually not bad idea to do so.

Well a buddy of mine Justin Loebbaka heard my cries for help cause he realizes that the work we do on the web is important he also realizes that donations aren't such a bad idea.  For me donations aren't bad but I guess it depends on the target audience.  People who aren't into electronics like me and others are may see pointless reasons for a donation.  For me to continue giving to an audience I obviously need to run a operating system.  Justin Loebbaka went out of his way and actually got me a copy of Windows 8 OEM and even gave me a bunch of other things I didn't even ask for.  Just wanted to thank him for this lovely donation this should hopefully get things up and running much better then they are currently.

(Dreamcast Homebrew Download) Eremit (SDISO)

Eremit is a game where you remove balls from the board until you have one left.  Its a pretty hard game the first time you play it but once you beat it, it does get pretty repetitive. This port was created by Indiket.

Download available at:

(Dreamcast Homebrew Download) Epiphany (SDISO)

This is Epiphany I've played many games like this and it looks like its a clone of a game called Crystal Caves.  This game is in SD format however you can extract the ISO and use bootdreams to create a bootable Dreamcast CD-Rom Image

(Dreamcast Homebrew Download) Eier (SDISO)

What is Eier well I believe the title is actually in German and means Egg.  What you do is collect eggs in a bucket if you drop an egg its game over.  The game is available in SD Format however you can extract the ISO and use bootdreams to create a bootable Dreamcast CD-Rom Image.

Download available at:

ISO Make available at:

(Dreamcast Homebrew Download) Echoes Quests (SDISO)

Echoes Quests is an amazing 3D sidescrolling platformer which is actually a clone of a game that was released for the Turbo GFX.  This game is in SD Format however you can extract the ISO and use Bootdreams to create a bootable Dreamcast CD-Rom Image.

Download available at:

ISO Make available at:

(Dreamcast Homebrew Download) Duke Nukem 3D (SDISO, Shareware)

Well you all know this one created by the popular company 3D Realms, Duke Nukem 3D well this is a port and I can't find any information about who the author of the port is.  This of course is a Alpha and was never fully completed so there will be some issues.  This is in SD Format however you can extract the ISO and use Bootdreams to create bootable Dreamcast CD-Rom Images.

Download available at:

ISO Make available at:

(Dreamcast Homebrew Download) Dumbbell (SDISO)

This game is a clone of Snake and I don't really have anymore information then that not even a screenshot.

Download available at:

ISO make available at:

(Dreamcast Homebrew Download) Dreamchess (SDISO)

Dreamchess is a early Dreamcast homebrew game and if your a fan of chess you'll probably like this one.  It is just a demo however i do believe you are able to play a full set not really sure cause i'm not to good at chess.  This game is available in SD format however you can extract the ISO and use Bootdreams to create a bootable Dreamcast CD-Rom Image.

Download available at:

(Dreamcast Homebrew Download) DRAM (SDISO)

DRAM is a game which was created by JMD it was actually created as a joke cause at the time he was trying to look for some SD Ram and was having a tough finding some. In the game you use his name JMD and dodge ram module sticks if you hit one its game over.  This game is in SDISO format however you can extract the ISO and use Bootdreams to create a bootable Dreamcast CD-ROM image.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Tomb Raider 70% percent off (Get Games Go, PC Gaming)

Get Games Go has the latest Tomb Raider installment going for a crazy deal of $12.49 go get it now before it goes back to its regular price of $49.99.

Visit this link for more information:

Batman Arkham Origins FREE With Your Next Nvidia Video Card Purchase

Nvidia has been working with Warner Brothers Montreal on what is said to be a PC exclusive technology which will be seen in Batman Arkham Origins.  A tech trailer should be available tomorrow which will show what this exclusive technology will look like.  Batman Arkham Origins looks like its going the way of next gen but it looks as if PC gamer's are going to be the ones offered that next gen feel.  The game will however be released in a not so good looking way for the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii-U but should still be fun anyways.  The game is also currently being developed for Playstation Vita and the Nintendo 3DS.

You'll be able to get Batman Origins for free with select Nvidia video cards.  For more information on this keep your eyes peeled on both and which should have information about this amazing deal along with the tech trailer for Batman Arkham Origins.  To see more information about Batman Arkham Origins visit

Rainbow Six Vegas and Magic 2013 free with Xbox Live Gold (Xbox 360)

That's right starting today to the 15th of this month you'll be able to get Rainbow Six Vegas and Magic 2013 for free on your Xbox 360's but only if you have Xbox Live Gold.  So if you want to get a hold of these games go and get yourself a Xbox Live Gold subscription.  If you would like to learn a little more about Xbox Live Gold's free give away's visit

Grid 2 50% percent off (Steam, PC Gaming)

Today Steam has Grid 2 for 50% perfect off so you can grab it for a measily $24.99 but hurry you have till Tuesday 10am PST and then it will go back to its regular price which is $49.99.

Visit this link for more information:

Mega Man Getting a Spiritual Successor

Mega Man is getting a spiritual successor that is of course with your help.  The game is called Mighty No.9 and what makes it a spiritual successor that Kenji Inafune the co-creator of Mega Man is the main designer for this game.  Of course the game will also have help from others who made Mega Man a popular game since its inception back in 1987 and following years.  If you would like to learn a little more about Mighty No.9 and see how you can help make this game come true visit Might No.9's Kickstarter page and send a little donation.  The game is to be released on PC and has hopes to be released on consoles and other platforms if they can get there donations kept.

This is what everybody was hoping for well close to it anyways.  With Kenji Inafune this means we will get a game we know will be as good as Mega Man or better.  Kenji Inafune was with Capcom over 20 years before leaving the company in 2010 to which he claims to start a new life.  Of course that has come true and he has started a new development company called Comcept.  

For more information on the game and to give your donation please click this link: