Wednesday, March 29, 2017

DCeric Plays: Shmups Skill Test (PC)

Today on DCeric Plays it gets intense as I play Shmups Skill Test available on Steam for Windows PC.

Shmups Skill Test (Steam):

Shooting Love 20XX (Steam):

Saturday, March 25, 2017

DCeric Shows Off: Dreamcast Games

I decided to try something new and this has been something I've wanted to show off for about a year now. So here is DCeric Shows Off and today I am doing it on Dreamcast games.

I apologize for the bad quality I'm using an outdated version of Vegas and not a very good mic. But I really hope you enjoy what I have here and hope in the near future to provide the quality you need.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Mafia (Audio Fix)

Well here is another fix for Mafia involving the audio problems.  The issues in the game are in the FMV sequences they contain no audio. Its a simple fix you need to get Advanced Codecs by Shark007.

You can grab the download from this following site and remember to get the Advanced Codec cause the Standard may not work.

Next up install and open up the software all you need to do is click Shark007 Suggested Settings.

Something pops up asking if you use certain items to watch on a web browser through Windows 10.

I clicked yes cause I don't know if this fixes issues or breaks issues doing it.

Once you have done all this you can now start up the game and hear all FMV videos using the Bink Codec.

Mafia 1 (Simple Fix for Windows 10)

If there is a few people out there who have the Steam version of Mafia then you have probably had an issue with trying to get the game launch.  All you get is a white screen and then an error message to press an OK button to close the game.  Well I have heard there was a patch out there and I didn't really do to much searching around but I did find one.  This patch however is no longer available cause the link that once hosted the patch seems to be broken.  So there is another fix and its as simple as changing the compatibility settings

So lets begin!

(Click on screenshots to enlarge)

Step 1 locate where your game is by right clicking on your game in Steam and going to properties


Step 2 go to the local files tab and click Browse Local Files...

Step 3 a new window will open you'll want to right click on the game icon and go to properties

Step 4 go to the compatibility tab and set to Windows XP SP3 and Disable display scaling on high DPI settings.  Then press OK.

Step 5 Open the game and now you should be able to play. Do note that Steam overlay will not work with compatibility settings.  If you want to take a snapshot of the game use Geforce Experience or use the Windows key + Prt Scrn. Check out the following screenshots from using this fix.


Want A Game To Be Fixed For PC?

Well I am going to keep this quick and simple but I wanted to ask if you had any games that needed to be fixed and your unsure there is a fix?  Now of course I can't say there is a definite solution but I can give my duty to try and get games to work.  So if you have any games that you want to be fixed for PC please leave a comment and I'll see what I can do.

Need for Speed 2 (Win 95) Cannot Be Repaired

                                                               (click screenshots to enlarge)

I just thought I'd make a post here for Need for Speed 2.  I've tried compatibility hacks and using DXwnd and I had got no where.  I have however attempted getting as far as the game loading and getting to the menu's.  When a race starts that is where everything breaks.  Sorry folks as far as this one goes from what I see this isn't repairable.  However from what I have heard Need For Speed 2 SE with Glide Plugins does work and I'd recommend you purchase that version instead.  The only way to play the original Need for Speed 2 on PC is using Virtualbox using Windows 95 or maybe even Windows 98. At some point i'd like to actually try out using Windows 95 or 98 and seeing if I can get old games to work with it.  I'm just hoping that guest installation is possible with Windows 98 so I can enable 3D Acceleration.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Kao The Kangaroo 2 (How to play on current Windows Operating Systems)

Well it wasn't to long ago I found a good deal on a digital download for Kao The Kangaroo 2 for PC from Gamersgate.

You can buy and download the game here:

Of course if you don't know already the game is unplayable on current Windows Operating Systems Windows 8 to 10.  I am not sure if it has issues on x86 architecture but I know it does on x64 systems.

So I finally found a way to play this game using my current system and using my Windows 10 without having an issue.  Well the game isn't directly being played on Windows 10.  I am using a virtual OS of Windows XP with Virtualbox.

First your going to want to download Virtualbox from

Next your going to want to make sure you have a copy of Windows XP with a valid serial number.

Of course your going to want to install the operating system search Youtube for more info on how to install Windows XP with VirtualBox and read below on how to enable 3D Acceleration.

Make sure to run the Kao The Kangaroo 2 downloader on your current operating system and then move the folder to your virtual Windows XP by making a virtual storage of your current Windows OS drives.  Once done then you can move on the next steps.

Right click on your Windows XP OS and go to setting then go to Display and enable the following settings:

You are then going to want to open your operating system and install Guest Additions in safe mode.

Click the Windows Start button and click on Run:

Next type in msconfig and press OK:

Select safe mode from the Boot tab:

Restart the computer bring down the Virtualbox top bar menu and select Install Guest Additions:


Make sure to click 3D Acceleration or you won't be able to play the game:

Then open msconfig again as shown at the top and go to the Boot tab and disable safe mode and restart:

Next make sure to change your CD/DVD drive back to your own drive in Virtualbox.

Now open the game and go to configure and select the resolution you want.  Do note that this game does not run in Widescreen resolutions and at the moment I don't have a fix for Windows XP to resolve this.  However you can scale the screen to widescreen but it starts to pixelate and look like a mess.  The game looks good in Standard Definition high resolutions none the less.  Anyways now you should be able to play the game so I hope you enjoy. 

Diner Dash 2 (How to run on Windows 10)

I got Diner Dash 2 for PC with Sega Rally Revo through a sale on ebay.  I decided to give this game a try and low and behold the same problem as most old games it has issues running.  The game has graphical glitches as well as random crashes.

Of course today I have a fix for you so you can play this game on Windows 10.  This fix may work on other Windows Operating Systems that support Windows Kits with Windows Compatibility Toolkit.

So in order for you to run Windows Compatibility Toolkit you'll need to download the latest ADK Package 1607.  Once you have downloaded it get the Application Compatibility Toolkit and uncheck everything else cause you won't be needing those.

Download available at:

And now we start the tutorial:

First off your going to need to open the 32 bit version of Compatibility Administrator under Windows Kits.

Next right click New Database(1) under custom databases and create new

Next your going to want to fill in the information for the game which is pretty obvious if you know what your doing.

Now follow these screenshots for the following compatibility options I chose that I believe work best for the game.

First page enable the following then press next when completed:

[UPDATED] Thanks to the anonymous user

Second page enable the following:

and enable this final fix on the second page then press next when finished:

Next click Auto Generate circled in the screenshot below then press finish:

Then click the save button circled in the screenshot below put the name of the game in and next save the file in the games main folder and again name it after the game:

Next click file and install as highlighted in the screenshot below:

If you followed the instructions properly the game should load without a hitch and no longer have graphical glitches or even crash.  Enjoy your game!