Thursday, December 17, 2020

Brooks Wingman SD Dual Joystick Config (Dreamcast)

In this video I show you how to setup dual joystick for use with your favorite FPS on Dreamcast.  In this video I use Quake 3 Arena for the demonstration.  

Brooks Wingman SD: 

Music: Quake (DS) by DreaMSectioN

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Test Drive Ferrari Racing Legends: Nimble Form

Well as some people may know on my Facebook I've been trying to ace the game. So far this has been the hardest and from what I see after playing this its only going to get more difficult. Lots of cursing and swearing and took me about an hour and a half to complete.
Complete race in 2mins and 15secs and make it clean

Thursday, November 12, 2020

DCeric Plays Rizzo Island beta demo (DC)

Today I play Rizzo Island (demo) for the Sega Dreamcast.  Still in early stages but its looking to be a fun game :).

Sorry should paid a little more attention to the audio turn it up if isn't up to snuff :)

Info and Download available at:

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

DCeric Plays Fred's Journey (Amiga)

Today I show you Fred's Journey for the Amiga.  Some retro platforming fun from my pals at Retro Guru which are known to make some fantastic retro games.  This time they also got the help from Cosmos Designs.

Fred's Journey is available at:

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Brook Wingman SD Issues

(UPDATE) 10/22/2020: I've got into contact with Brook Accessory and everything is working perfectly now.  I couldn't be more thankful for their help in this issue.  Apparently the reason why they didn't reply back was they didn't know my messages were going to junk.  So yes this is all fixed up now.  The issue with the A1 controller isn't much the A1 controllers themselves its that I have a fake controller.  However the A1 controllers do need that extra 5v's of power to work properly with vibration so if you got a Y cable from a spare external DVD rom use that or buy one on Amazon.  That'll fix the vibration issue with the PS3 A1 controllers.  Also do enjoy the new capabilities of using a wired or wireless keyboard for PSO or other games.

This is the video I sent to Brooks Accessory to fix a few issues with the controller.  I did a regular update and a beta update and this issue hasn't got fixed since posting this video.  They haven't replied to me or anything.  Then of course a week later I was using the Xbox One controller and one game I was playing didn't have custom button config so I used the Wingman SD's built-in  mapper.  You have to map a button by holding the guide button then pressing the start button at this point its in mapping mode.  So example if I wanted the "A" button for the *Right Trigger I'd press the Right Trigger then "A".  After that I would press Guide again and it would work like gold.  

But of course there was a problem mapping when I accidentally mapped the guide button to the "A" button.  That's okay right?... Wrong yes there is a reset feature by pressing the guide button and start button followed by select and start and you'll get a good vibration notifying you that its been reset.  After that you have to press guide again to put it in place.  But there's the issue when doing this while in reset mode or even mapping it is already detected as a mapped key so now the guide button is known as the "A" button and the reset can't complete.  

So I don't know why there wasn't a reset button built into the module cause that would have made total sense.  That or even have software reset as well.  But that isn't available and for $60 it seems like a great product but if you have these issues to me it's not.  I'm totally bummed about this and we got guys like MadLittlePixel reviewing this thing saying how awesome it is.  Also in his video its explained he went through an issue using a Arcade Joystick and there was an issue mapping.  

Believe it or not it was the next day and they solved his issue for a good review.  Yeah I'm a small guy it seems. So they could careless about solving this issue for me and others making this product a must have for any DC owner.  So here we go so far the Striker DC and the Brooks Wingman SD are bad products and my review may change if they get on the issues with their controllers.  After these issues I'm starting to think about not ever buying a third party product again cause this is just annoying and a total waste of money.

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

40 Winks for PC (Game Play)

In this video I show you 40 Winks for PC.  The game was originally developed by Eurocom and the rights are no owned by Piko Interactive.  The PC version is an emulated PSX version of the game.  There is also a N64 release as well.

You can grab the game at the follow links: - N64 version and other games

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

How to Play... Star Wars Episode 1: Racer for PC

In this video I show you how to play Star Wars Episode 1: Racer for PC as well as a bit of game play.

Requirements to play the game are available at the following links.

Pexioto (Xbox One controller fix):

Nvidia Inspector (Framerate and Physics fix):

dgvoodoo2 *use Microsoft Edge (for higher resolutions):

Monday, July 27, 2020

Mega Drive Collection for Sega Dreamcast (Unreleased)

I decided I wanted to show you the unreleased Mega Drive Collection for the Sega Dreamcast.  This of course would have probably have been released worldwide but of course never seen the light of day.

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Retro Fighters Striker DC for Dreamcast (Review)

In this video I wanted to show you guys the Retro Fighters Striker DC controller for the Dreamcast.  Of course mind you I might have a different opinion then others and I really hope Retro Fighters takes a look at this video and goes back to the board on some of the issues but most importantly on the issue I mentioned in this video.

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

$15 Sticker Coupon with any Purchase on Redbubble

Today I'm here to give you a $15 dollar off sticker coupon with any purchase on Redbubble.  Get your favorite shirt and get yourself a nice package of stickers.  Its my favorite place to get some of my favorite shirts you see in my videos.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Tokyo Extreme Racer Advance for Gameboy Advance (Game Play)

In this video I show you Tokyo Extreme Racer Advance for the Gameboy Advance which was developed by David A. Palmer Productions  and published by Crave.   This time taking a different developer then the usual Genki development and taking different producers for the North American and European releases.  I also don't believe the game was released in Japan and is unusual considering the series is more popular and started in Japan.  This is also the reason why you don't see Genki anywhere in this game.

 A series that has a long range of games up to Import Tuner Challenge for North America on the Xbox 360 which sorry I didn't mention at all in the video. 

I do want to mention about looking away from the camera at the ending take this as blooper :/ lol.  I thought I didn't hit record and just at that point looked at the screen to see I that I did and the video was made.

Monday, June 22, 2020

The Little Mermaid for NES (Game Play)

In this video I show you The Little Mermaid for the NES. No I don't play the full game and I am really not sure how long the game is. With that being said I may have been pretty close to beating it in this video. I really do think people would enjoy this game. Its not overly difficult and can be beaten in one sitting. Well check out the video and let me know what you think.

Friday, June 19, 2020

Xeno Crisis for Dreamcast (Gameplay)

Somebody requested a game play video and it has been awhile so I thought about doing one today on Xeno Crisis for the Dreamcast. Just yesterday as of uploading this video the games physical copy was released for the Dreamcast. Today the image files for Dreamcast have been released. I purchased the image files so that's what i'm showing you here. If you want more information check out the video.

If your're interested and making a purchase for the Dreamcast version or any other systems check out for more information.

Thursday, June 18, 2020

OTVDM - How To Run 16bit Software (WIN)

So a lot of people want to run 16bit software on Windows 10 and perhaps other versions of Windows. Thanks to Microsoft they stopped supporting it and removed it completely. However OTYA128 released a software called OTVDM which is a small piece of software that has Wine as a backend to run older software. In this video I show you how it works.

Download at:

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Windows 95 - Theme (WIN 10)

Well lately I've been slipping back into the past a bit.  I remember enjoying Windows 95 as a kid of course not knowing half as much as I do now.  So I decided I wanted to give Windows 10 a bit of a retro look.  Found a Windows 95 Desktop background, have the Windows 95 start up sound and have a Windows 95 log as a boot pic.  Mind you I have shaky hands but it shows exactly what I wanted.  I wish I could update the Windows 95 font with a white outline so I didn't have to have a white background which kind of breaks it a tad.  None the less it looks decent to me.

To update your Windows 10 boot image I used a program called HackBGRT.  This will allow you to change your boot logo using a UEFI bios.  Make sure you don't have secure boot enabled or it might break things so take this as a precautionary and don't blame if you mess things up.

HackBGRT can be found here:

Startup Sound was changed using WinAero's Startup Sound Changer which is now being used in WinAero's Tweaker Software which can be found here:

Thursday, April 9, 2020


In this video I show you RAD Quake Final created by Ian Michael for the Sega Dreamcast.  This is the best way to play Quake as far as I am concerned of any console version.  There is tons of features that really benefit the game that no other port supports.

Download Available At:

Episode 5: Dimension of the Past (Unofficial Quake Mod):

Full Game Available At:

Shareware Demo Available At:

Saturday, April 4, 2020

CD-ROM User Disc 17 December 1995 (PC)

Well this may not look special to you but this disc is what got me into Worms before moving on to Worms Armageddon for the PSX.  There is a few videos and demos that will be mentioned in this blog post that were quite interesting for their time.  So with that being said lets explore this cool demo disc from 1995 for PC.

First off there is Intro Videos for the software developer PWS Interactive which seems to be a now defunct developer.  The other intro video is of the software itself which is just a video of animals at a zoo.  After looking on the disk it looks like its software for choosing a career do to its name Career View. I suppose it would be educational software and cannot be used to do a video format that is not supported on Windows 10.

The demos for software can be seen in the following screenshot.  Most of the games are edutainment and the best are Witchaven and Worms.

There is music for groups that people may not know from the UK.

There is also a video for a game called Shadow of the Empire which is not a Star Wars game considering Shadow isn't pluralized.  Also I can't find anything on Google about it but I didn't really try taking advanced steps.  But the video more or less is a music video of a band called Still Patient? which sounds like a Peter Steele's - Type O Negative.

There is a demo for a game called Journeyman Project 2:Buried In Time but it seems to be unplayable do to the movie format.  However the game is available at GOG.

In the screenshot above you can also see the other software which is kind of unique most of which could not be used.  The ones that could be used are QSound2 (audio demo) for DOS.  There is Excalibur Lottery Analyzer which I'm not really sure how that works and it may not be useful.  It also uses a Graphics Server which is supposed to be used for DOS.  So I couldn't get it to work.  

Here is a video of QSound of course you may not be able to get the full experience of it cause its re-encoded in MP3.

Flag Tower was a company that made interactive documentary software for Windows.  I'm not quite sure if this is just a preview of what you can get in their software library.  It contains info on World War 1, and 2 as well as information on Space.  Yup we go from a big jump from war to space kind of neat ha ha.

But the most interesting part of this disk was the User Submissions.  It contains gif files from users who created CGI based photos.  Also its funny cause when we think of gif's we think of those cool short videos with no sound.  Well this isn't that they're just plain old photos from 1995.  Sadly this is the only disk I have in this collection.  Being disc 17 it looks like they had a wide variety of discs which I would love to find.  But for now this is all I got and i'm going to leave you with the pictures from the User Submission folder.  

History of Quake (Windows)

This is called History of Quake and is only available for Windows PC.  It was an extra on Quake 1 for Windows.  Apparently this collection is quite rare now and was originally the only way to see this video.  The video is upscaled from 320x240 to 640x480 so Youtube doesn't compress the hell out of it

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Kaikan (Windows PC)

Today I tried Kaikan for Windows PC.  I thought about doing more videos and do to my internet being very slow I would do low res videos.  So classics, retro games etc... would better fit what I can give to the audience.  I also thought I have tons of games on my PC maybe I should go through some of the games and make videos about them.  They maybe good they maybe bad but I am going to try and get them up on this channel.

Kaikan is a vertical shootem up like some of your favorite classics with a little of its own ideas.  I'm very bad at shmups and didn't take in all the information but I got some things right.

If you like what you see you can grab the game from the following link the original link where it was located now seems to be dead.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Hydra Castle Labyrinth on CD-R (Dreamcast)

Another video here of Hydra Castle Labyrinth but of the CD-R version.  I am still having some minor stutters but again its playable and probably even possible to beat the game.  The stutter could be do to bad burn, my Dreamcast or memory optimization.

Also stated in the video I would have a VMU screenshot and sorry that doesn't seem to be in the video :(.  For more information on the game check out the video and give the game a try cause its pretty awesome.

Please let me know if there is any issues with volume.  I have a different audio setup and not quite sure if it'll be good enough for everyone else.

Game was created by megavolt85.  You can find him and the download at the following link.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Hydra Castle Labyrinth (Dreamcast)

I am playing this on the SD Adapter from the serial port. I believe this would probably play a lot faster using a CD-R. My burning equipment doesn't like utilizing slow speeds with IMGBurn. The issue with using the SD Adapter I believe is do to the music playing in the background. I tried disabling that with

Dreamshell and I'm not quite sure how to do it. Also I turned down the music in game but that doesn't disable the music entirely. The game plays none the less and is quite fun. I hope to be able to play more using either a CD or the SD Adapter if somebody could help me figure out Dreamshell a little bit.

Game available at: