Sunday, June 28, 2020

Tokyo Extreme Racer Advance for Gameboy Advance (Game Play)

In this video I show you Tokyo Extreme Racer Advance for the Gameboy Advance which was developed by David A. Palmer Productions  and published by Crave.   This time taking a different developer then the usual Genki development and taking different producers for the North American and European releases.  I also don't believe the game was released in Japan and is unusual considering the series is more popular and started in Japan.  This is also the reason why you don't see Genki anywhere in this game.

 A series that has a long range of games up to Import Tuner Challenge for North America on the Xbox 360 which sorry I didn't mention at all in the video. 

I do want to mention about looking away from the camera at the ending take this as blooper :/ lol.  I thought I didn't hit record and just at that point looked at the screen to see I that I did and the video was made.

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