Sunday, April 26, 2015

Super Noah's Ark 3D (Steam Greenlight)

Super Noah's Ark 3D is getting a release on Steam nearly 20 years after the original company went out of business.  Wisdom Tree sold all rights to Piko Interactive and now has decided to release this game and many more in the Wisdom Tree library.  Piko Interactive even has the game available for SNES which was originally a rare game to get.  See this game and more from the Wisdom Tree library in the future with new releases for other console systems and Steam from Piko Interactive.

The Steam Greenlight just needs a few more votes to get approved so visit the following link to help get this game on Steam.

Check out more games from Piko Interactive at:

Hind Strike Homebrew in Development for SNES

If you were a big fan of Urban Strike series of games then you'll be a big fan of Hind Strike.  Hind Strike is being developed with Mode 7 like it has never been done before.  Check out the video for yourself this game just blows me away.

For more information keep your eyes peeled over at:

Wacky Wheels 2015 (Steam, PC)

If you all don't remember Wacky Wheels it was the first kart racer released on PC that was similar to Super Mario Kart.  The game was the most popular kart racer at the time and I remember having some fond memories of this game.  The game was created by 3D Realms in the early 90's.  Now the game has moved to Cascadia Games and they have full rights to the game.

So the game has now been put up to Greenlight on Steam if you were a fan of the original well you get pretty much the same sort of game play with updated graphics and featuring new levels.

For more information check it out at:

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Dreamcast SD Compatible: GNUFO

GNUFO is now available for Dreamcast and compatible with the SD Adapter and CD-Rom.

Download is available at:

ISO Make Available at:

Dreamcast SD Compatible: Sokoban

Sokoban is now available for Dreamcast and compatible with the SD Adapter and CD-Rom.

Download available here:

ISO Make available at:

Friday, April 17, 2015

Chips Challenge and Sequel Coming to Steam (PC)

When I was a young child I fondly remember going to my aunts house and playing the Best of Microsoft Entertainment Pack and in this package came with Chip's Challenge.  This package was playable on Windows 3.1 up to Windows 98 and possibly any other version of Windows that wasn't NT. 

Of course for years people have wanted to play this game on the current NT versions of Windows that including Windows 7, and Windows 8.  However you could no longer play Best of Microsoft Entertainment Pack on the current OS's.  Which meant keeping an old computer handy.  

Luckily years went by and a new game called Chuck's Challenge 3D was released giving us that game play we known and love from Chip's Challenge.  Only one other thing was missing that nostalgic feeling of play as Chip and the old graphics we know and love from the series.

Well now Chip's Challenge and a sequel Chip's Challenge 2 is getting released on Steam May 28. 

You can get the games on their release dates at the following links:

Chip's Challenge 1:

You can get Chuck's Challenge 3D a graphically updated remake of Chip's Challenge here:

Now for some videos and screenshots:

Chip's Challenge 1

Chip's Challenge 2


Monday, April 13, 2015

Power Rangers: Beats of Power (Free, PC)

Here is a free fan game of Power Rangers: Beats of Power.  The game takes its visuals close to the SNES and Genesis versions of the game.  I would say this looks more like an Arcade perfect Power Rangers fighter that of course never got released for Arcades.  It also includes FMV sequences as well as the real voices of the characters from the show.  This game was built on the OpenBOR engine.

(click pictures to enlarge)

Monday, April 6, 2015

Dreamcast SD Compatible: Yar's Revenge 0.99

Yar's Revenge 0.99 available and compatible with both the SD Adapter and CD-R's.

This was released in 2009 I forgot to do a video on this awesome game.  The original was created by Howard Scott Warshaw.  Yar's Revenge 0.99 was re-created by Paul Robson and then was ported to the Sega Dreamcast by Indiket.

Download available at:

ISO Make available at:

Insane 2 (2560x1440,PC)

Insane 2 was created by Targem games and released in 2012. Here is a gameplay video in 2560x1440 resolution. This game is essentially a PC version of Motorstorm.

You can get the game at:

The game is on sale for $1 for the next 4 days at:

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Street Racing Syndicate (2560x1440, Upscaled, PC)

Street Racing Syndicate was released in 2005 and published by KISS ltd, Funbox Media Ltd for Steam, and developed by Eutechnyx.

In this video I show you the game being played at 2560x1440 in upscaled widescreen.

Rallisport Challenge (2560x1440, PC)

Rallisport Challenge was released in 2002 and published by Microsoft Studios and developed by Digital Illusions CE.

The game out of the box only supports 4:3 resolutions but with a few hacks you can get the game to play with high resolutions in widescreen format.

*Framerate issues are cause of the capture software