Saturday, January 28, 2023

Package came from Amazon and this is what I got

 This is the SD to Vita which allows you to use SD Cards on a modified PS Vita and Modified PSTV. Gives you more space and making it so you don't have to depend on that horrible proprietary media that Sony made us use and is going up in price.

Bleem collection from Randy Linden


Bleem for PC and Bleemcast for Dreamcast was a Playstation emulator that allowed you to play some Playstation games. Randy Linden with his incredible skills was one of the first to make a Playstation emulator playable on both the PC and Dreamcast. The Dreamcast of course a whole different scope and here he gave me the Bleem collection.

The Nintendo Demo Boy II

The Nintendo Demo Boy II the Gameboy Kiosk unit which connected the Gameboy to store television screens.