Monday, October 28, 2013

DCeric Plays: Super Mario Land (GB)

Well its been awhile but now I am back for a sick episode of me playing Super Mario Land for the Gameboy on the Super Gameboy for the Super Nintendo.  That's right I wanted to see if I could beat this game and I did.  Of course lets not forget I had my buddy Andy join the stream tonight and you can check him out at

Sunday, October 27, 2013

DCeric Productions Game Preview: Reflex (PC)

If you want a sick ass shooter check out Reflex. If your a fan of Ikaruga type game play then you'll enjoy this. The graphics aren't of those 3D type games with super flashy stuff but hey this is great for an arcade shooter and if your a fan of arcade shooters then this game is for you.  Its only one player but these are the sort of games where you don't always need a 2nd player.

If you like what you see you can buy the game at:

You can also try a trial at:

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Free Word Processing Software

I have had many people on my Facebook profile ask about cheaper ways of getting Microsoft Office or other software that will do the similar thing.  There is plenty of software out there that will do exactly what you need for either a low cost for the price of absolutely nothing.  The software will also open Microsoft Office documents as well. There maybe limitations mind you but some are very minor and some offer you to pay to get more out of the software.

Here is one thing you'll have to remember though.  Every time you save a file remember to save it as a file that can be either readable on other operating systems or other Office software.  The files that are mostly readable on other software and operating systems can be saved as rich text formats (.rtf), .doc, and .docx.  That is where a lot of people have issues cause you can save it as a specific document that may not be readable on Microsoft Office.

Some of the software have different features which are good for certain businesses but if all your looking for is word processing they all usually work about the same.  There is plenty of other office suites as well but below is what is most popular

Libre Office - Windows, Linux and Mac OS/X (Free)

Open Office - Windows, Linux and Mac OS/X (Free)

Kingsoft Office - Windows (Free Shareware Based)

Word Perfect - Windows (Trial, Full $169.99)

Microsoft Office 2013 - Windows (multiple priced packages)

How to Message People on Facebook

Yes believe it or not people do have issues with the messaging feature on Facebook which is also built into the chat feature.  But this tutorial will show you how to message to multiple people as well.

First off click the messages icon circled in red

Next press Send a New Message circled in red

 A chat box will open at the bottom which is also 
used for messaging people.  Type the names of the 
people you want to include in the message a box
may open with the people who are in your friends list
select the ones you want to include.  Then type your
where it says Type message here.  After your done 
typing your message press enter.  It should now
be sent to all your friends that you selected.

How to Activate a Game on Steam

The reason I am doing this believe it or not some people don't know how to activate a game on Steam.  Well here is some easy steps on activating a retail or download serial number if compatible with Steam.

First off after logging into Steam press on Games circled in Red

                                 Next press Activate a Product located in the Red circle on Steam  

Next type in the serial number of the game your trying to Activate

Once you have done so your game should be activated if it doesn't activate its either cause your game is not compatible with Steam or there maybe issues with the Activation.  If your having problems with the Activation visit and go to Support.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Nordic Games Humble Bundle Weekly Sale

That's right Humble Bundle is back at it again with another new Weekly Sale this time with a bunch of games from Nordic Games. If you pay a dollar or more you'll get Red Faction Armageddon, Supreme Commander, Supreme Commander Forged Alliance, The Guild 2 and The Neighbors From Hell Compilation.

If you pay $6 dollars or more you'll receive those games and Painkiller: Hell and Damnation, Arcania, Darksiders II, and Spellforce 2: Faith and Destiny.

Get gaming with great deals and check Humble Bundle often for great deals and get that list growing.

(These games are for Windows PC)

Jetpack Joyride Free for PS3

Jetpack Joyride has been released for Blackberry, IOS, Android and Windows mobile phones.  The game also got released for Windows 8 and then not to long after it got released for PS3, PSP and PS Vita.  The game has been released for free on all platforms except the PSP version which got bad reviews on other dedicated game review sites.

I first played the game on Windows 8 and shortly there after I tested it on my father's iphone, my mothers android based phone and not to long after that for the PS3.  Whats interesting about this game is it captures the retro goodness of the 90's.  The graphics kind of remind me of the 16bit to 32bit decade of gaming.

The main objective is to fly as far as you can get in the game.  As you get further in the game the speed progresses faster and you have dodge electric prods, missiles and electric lasers that move in different positions each and every time you run into them.  The main part of the game has you doing missions which as you see in the video I have to tap each light there will also be others like giving high fives to the scientists and many more.  You have 3 missions per play and when you beat one mission it will be filled in place with a new one.

The game can get generally hard but through the game game there is a few things that can help you out.
Through out each play of the game you can collect coins which is in game money that can be spent in the in game store.  You can buy clothing, items that enhance your characters actions and items that'll help you progress through each play.  Each play through you also have special gadgets that help you as well.  There is a dragon, a bird plane, a motorcycle, a magnet suit, a mech and a teleport that come at random times when ever you hit a rainbow tool box.

My favorite of all of them is the bird plane which I feel is pretty easy to handle and is actually quite a funny character.  Each and every time you get one of these special gadgets the speed slows down but gradually speeds up and once you hit an object your gadget then blows up and you go back to playing the game as your original character.

There is another special coin in the game to collect which has an X marked on it.  These items will fly across the screen at any given moment and even at times where you have to dodge those lousy laser beams or electric prods or even those rockets.  When you die you play a slot machine type of game but you are only limited to play the game for how many X coins you picked up. The items in the game can either revive you, give you double coinage,  explode your character farther on the play field or can even double up your X coins so you can continue to play the slot machine for more chances at getting more items.

Now for the sound it isn't to bad but I don't believe you'd listen to the games main theme on the road unless of course your a big fan of video game music.  Generally there is only one track through out the game and it can get a bit repetitive but thanks to the games features it can be easily ignored.  The game also includes sound effects not that you'd really pay attention to them anyways but some of the objects contain sound effects and there is also explosion sound effects.  The sound effects aren't all that great but yes the explosion sound effect sounds pretty awesome.

Well if you beat the game then your next mission is to compete against your buddies score.  Every time you play the game records how far you got in the game and the highest mileage you have reached will be on the main screen which is pretty much your score in the game.  The game also includes 12 achievements which I haven't collected yet on the PS3 version.

Well as you can see I played rather poorly in the video.  I actually beat the game on Windows 8 and grabbed all of the achievements.  I found the game to be pretty fun and at times really difficult but you should gradually be able to beat the game with good strategies.  The only thing I found to be annoying like most mobile games or any games of this decade is it contains micro-transactions which help you either skip missions or buy certain items that you can buy with the in game cash.  So there is no real need to spend your money unless you are finding the game rather difficult.

I found that when the game was first released on the PS3 the framerate had issues and that could be cause its a port of a mobile game which is a completely different architecture then consoles and PC.  But the game actually plays a lot better now on all platforms as long as your platform can handle it.  The PS3 version got a good port with the only issue being that it has borders but it contains most of the areas that are available in the mobile versions of the game.  From what I have played of the Windows 8 version I don't believe it contains the volcano part of the game.

Well this game is pretty excellent if you like what you read from my review and watched the video above then you should give this game a try.  If you would like to get your hands on Jetpack Joyride for PS3 you can get it at the following link:!/en-ca/cid=UP4249-NPUB31097_00-JETPACKJOYRIDE00.

For all other versions of the game check the store apps for whatever device you prefer to play the game on and enjoy the game!!!

Bioshock 2 GFWL Owners Get Free Steam Activation

That's right for those of you who already own Bioshock 2 on disk you can now use your serial number to activate the game on Steam.  With activating the game on Steam you get all of the games DLC, Steam achievements, and you'll be able to play using the Xbox 360 controller.  That's right all this for free and why did this happen cause you won't be able to buy the DLC for your GFWL copy anymore cause Microsoft removed the store in August.  I hope other companies will make the jump soon like Codemasters for Dirt 2 and Dirt 3.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Foosball (SDISO, Dreamcast)

Here is another game that comes from the realm.  There isn't much to explain here but its Foosball in video game form and I believe it also supports 2 players.  Watch the video for more information or go to the link above.

This game is in SDISO format but you can use Bootdreams to create a bootable Dreamcast CD-Rom Image.

Download available at:

Fenix Collection Vol.2 (SDISO, Dreamcast)

Here is the Fenix Collection Vol. 2 which contains more Fenix hits.  Some of the games as said may not be good for children.  These games were intended to be games that looked like SNES games and easier to port to any video game console or pc.

This game is in SDISO format you can use Bootdreams to create a bootable Dreamcast CD-Rom Image.

Fenix Collection Vol.1 (SDISO, Dreamcast)

A few years back the team used the Fenix engine to port over games which looked similar to the Super Nintendo.  At the time everybody was getting excited cause SNES emulation isn't an easy task for the Dreamcast.  Fenix wasn't by any means the greatest thing there was a few games that were great but most are pretty simple games and a lot of them are broken.  This collection has a lot great games however there is a few that aren't good for the children.

This game is in SDISO format however you can use Bootdreams to create a bootable Dreamcast CD-Rom Image.

Feet of Fury (SDISO, Dreamcast, Preview)

This was one of the first homebrew Dreamcast games that was released commercially but here I have a preview edition.  The full game isn't easy to find these days but if you click this link: you might be able to get a hold of a copy.  The game is primarily a clone of Dance Dance Revolution but you can customize the game to play music from your home collection.

This is in SD ISO format however you can use Bootdreams to make a bootable Dreamcast CD-Rom Image.

Asgard Met Vikings (Amiga)

My buddy Kojote told me about this cool game.  He is a big fan of Amiga games and usually anything related to retro gaming and can't stand the gaming of today.  Well I some what understand his issues with gaming today and I decided I would check out Asgard Met Vikings which is available for free as a download for playable on Amiga.

There is a single player and 2 player game selection.  I have only been able to play the single player mode so I can't explain how fun it is with 2 player mode but i gather it would be fun to add a buddy into the game. The single player game is pretty fun you play as Svelgur and you catch beer bottles from Odin a god from Asgard.  After collecting up to 10 beers you have to go to the barrels at each side of the screen to fill them up.  You must fill the barrel's or you can't capture anymore beer bottles.

When you have dropped 10 beer bottles its the end of the game.  Also you'll have to dodge and wack gremlins that get in your way.  You collect score points in the game from dropping beer bottles in your barrels and wacking the gremlins.  At the end of each game you'll be able to put your name in for a Highscore.  I had an issue with that using WinUAE but I believe that has been resolved.

In 2 player mode your buddy plays as Ragnar and you play as a team doing everything you do in the single player mode.

The game was created by Evoke with coding by Pinhead, Graphics by Lemmy, Music by Premium and the website was developed by Kasbah.  The graphics of course are like your average 16bit game with colorful and shiny sprites which pull your eyes right into the game.  The music in the game isn't to bad either for a simple small mini game but don't expect a lot of music.  The game plays overall not to bad I think there might be a few glitches where you can walk right through a gremlin without it hurting you i'm not really sure if this is a glitch or you just getting lucky.

Well anyways its a small little mini game and pretty addictive can you beat my score seen in the video above if so download the game from the link below.  In order for you to play the game on a standard PC you'll need the WinUAE emulator I won't link that here but you'll be able to find it with a quick search on Google. Do not ask me for the BIOS Rom's again Google will help you with that.

Game is available at:

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

RIP Tom Clancy

Well I never really got into any of Tom Clancy's games for the consoles and PC probably played bits and pieces and never read any of the books or watch the movies based on them.  That doesn't mean this man shouldn't be recognized for all the stuff he has brought for the entertainment industry.  Games like Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six and Splinter Cell have been well known games to players of the FPS genre of games.

Lots of people have read his books and watched his movies and every time you hear Tom Clancy in the title you know exactly what your about to read or watch.

I should really get into the Tom Clancy series of games cause its these sort of games that actually teach people how to be a better player in the FPS genre.  Its sad to hear the loss cause he brought so much action to everything he wrote and for that he will be missed rest in peace Mr. Clancy.

Valhalla Knights is free for the PSP

I just found out today that Valhalla Knights is available for free for the PSP.  It didn't get the kindest of reviews from Gamespot or IGN but I do think its at least playable and hey its free so its worth it to me.  If you would like to get your hands on this game check it out at the download link below.


For reviews check out these links:

IGN Valhalla Knights Review

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