Monday, May 30, 2016

DCeric Plays: Xenocider Kickstarter Demo (PC,Mac,Linux,3DS,DC)

Today DCeric Plays the Xenocider Kickstarter Demo created by Retro Sumus on PC. A lot of things in this game will probably change in the full release. I forgot to mention that the game will also be released on the Nintendo 3DS. Scanlines look much better then in the video.

You can grab the demo and get more information about Xenocider at this link:

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Xenocider Kickstarter

A new Dreamcast game is in the works and if your a fan of games like Space Harrier, Galaxy Force and Sin & Punishment then you'll be interested in this.  The game also plans to release for PC, MAC, Linux and 3DS.  Who knows there maybe a possibility for release on other consoles.  But there is one thing I forgot about and that is that in order for you to see the true reality of this getting released they need your help. All it takes is a few dollars with each dollar earned it will go towards their $92,000 goal.

If you'd like to help out and learn more about this game please visit the following link.  Here is to hoping we get a new commercial homebrew game that is different then the usual games we have seen over the years.

Please make a pledge and get more info here: