Saturday, August 31, 2013

Pica Pic: Play Handheld Games Online

Well recently I decided to give Stumbleupon a try cause you can find some pretty interesting sites that they find automatically.  Pica Pic is one that I came across at first I had no clue what it was.  Then I took a second look and found out its a site where you can play a collection of handheld games that were released in the 70's, 80's and 90's.  Some of the games include the Game & Watch series released by Nintendo and include a online score board.  What a trip down memory lane obviously some of the games aren't that playable and that is cause handheld games were never that playable to begin with.

If you want to play some of these amazing games check out this link:

Dreamcast SD Adapter

Just wanted to tell everyone what this SDISO madness is about.  For you new Dreamcast users SDISO's is a file image which is simply used for a SD Adapter.  Yes a SD Adapter it plugs into your Dreamcast's Serial Port and allows you to play homebrew games and the odd Commercial back up.  I will state though it does play some commercial games for the most part it causes issues for the following reasons CDDA (CD Audio) and what this does is cause lag in the games cause the SD Card can only go so fast at loading your game and playing music so it will cause lag in the game.  However most if not all homebrew games are compatible with the SD Adapter and there is a lot of great games in which or course you can find some on this blog site currently.

What you'll need in order to use your SD Card with the Dreamcast is of course the adapter, you'll also need the Dreamshell operating system and a SD ISO creator .  You'll need to use the SD ISO creator to make ISO files the one that's available at the DCSwat website has a Data folder which is where you will put games primary files.  Once you have done that Create Iso and your ISO will be created and you can put it on your SD Card.  Dreamshell can be used with both CD-Rom and SD Card.  Dreamshell is pretty simple to use first you'll have to download the software it'll come with a .cdi image which can be burned to cd-rom with IMGBurn or any other burning software that supports Disc Juggler Images.

Next there is a folder which will go on your SD Card.  So what you'll need to do is put the SD Adapter in the Dreamcast along with the SD Card.  Put the Dreamshell disk into the Dreamcast and power it on you'll be presented with a screen to what you want to boot with so obviously you're going to want to boot from SD Rom.  You'll eventually get to the Dreamshell desktop if you want to boot your SD ISO games just click on File Manager or ISO Loader.  I don't know what the difference between the two are but I found File Manager worked better so I would recommend using that to boot your ISOS.

You can buy a SD Adapter at this following link:Tek Novo Ebay Store

You can find Dreamshell and the SD ISO Maker at:

IMGburn is used to burn the .cdi files and you can find it here:

Gamefly 50% off sale (PC Gaming)

A lot of PC gamers aren't a big fan of this site well because Gamefly is some what of a competition to Steam.  Well here is something that you may not know this site also offers keys for Steam so you can buy games from them and play them on Steam.  Not all games are for Steam but most if not all games already state this before you buy.  They usually have great deals on games so check back often.

For more info visit: 

Devil May Cry, Gamers Gate Deal!!! (PC Gaming)

Gamers Gate has Devil May Cry %50 off so that means you can get it for 24.98 but after the deal it'll go back up to $49.95 so grab it quickly before it goes back up.

Visit this link:

Happy Long Weekend!!!

Well I'm not very sure if its long weekend for my American friends but I know its long weekend here in Canada.  Game up and listen to some awesome music including the song below and Happy Long Weekend :).

DLC Quest, Deal on Steam (PC Gaming)

Here is another crazy deal this time for one of my favorite indie games DLC Quest.  Regularly the game is 2.99 dollars which is a great deal in itself but right now you can grab the game for .75 cents which comes bundled with its sequel Live Freemium or Die.  Go grab Steam at and buy this great game.  Steam always has great deals on games but I felt like it was important to share this one.

GOG: Fading Summer Sale (PC Gaming)

Well Summer is almost over but the game deals aren't ending yet.  Head on over to cause they have 60% off sale on some great classics as well as a few new games.  One of those classics include Guilty Gear X2 #Reload and one of the new games include Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs.

Visit GOG for more information.

What you need to know about OEM Licenses

Okay I'm posting this cause I came across an issue with my OEM licenses for Windows 7 and Windows 8 Upgrade.  At first I was thinking it wouldn't be such a problem to get it reactivated for my new mobo of a different brand cause well I did pay for it.  I have also had times where I need to reactivate my games and well that was fixed.  But  for Windows no it doesn't work out that way OEM licenses are tied to the systems they are first installed on and cannot be used on other computers.  I called Microsoft plenty of times I got one person who said if you paid for the OEM license you should be able to use it on another computer.

I said it won't work and he said it will.  I said "I keep seeing I can't use it on this computer cause its being used on another computer".  He said to me again "sir it can be used on another computer if its not a Dell, HP or any other commercial brand PC.  If its custom made it will work on any PC".  I said to him again "listen it doesn't work that way it keeps telling me.....)  He hung up on me.  I call back very angry and told a new customer service representative that I was hung up on and I want to speak to a manager.  He said who was dealing with you and I said "I don't know who it was but he hung up on me".

He then asked me about my issues and directed me to Microsoft Customer Service.  I know if I go to them I will continue to have issues.  I contacted other Microsoft reps they said you can only use it on one PC.  I tried phone activating same thing it can only be used on one PC.  So folks here it is only get OEMS if you are only going to buy one PC cause it will not work on a new one that means do not get a new different brand motherboard and expect it to work.  Don't think Microsoft will help you with the issue cause it will go in one ear out the other.

Dawn of War: Complete Pack DEAL!!!! (PC Gaming)

You can grab the Dawn of War Complete Pack for a crazy deal of 34.99 if you don't grab it now the price will go back to the crazy price of $139.99.  Get this great package now folks before you miss this amazing deal.

Grab this collection at:

Humble Bundle Paradox Interactive Sale (PC Gaming)

Humble Bundle has always been known for its great deals but recently they have added weekly deals on top of there usual 2 week deals.  Right now there 2 week deal which is ending in 10 days is a comedy bundle. If you spend a dollar you can get Maria Bamford - The Special Special Special, Tig Notaro Live, Hannibal Buress My Name is Hannibal, Jim Norton and if you spend over $8.51 you unlock Louis C.K. Live at the Beacon Theater, Patrice O'Neal Unreleased, Patrice O'Neal Mr.P and all the other dollar titles.

The weekly deal is what were all looking for not that comedy isn't cool but I know people want some cool games.  This weeks deal is a sale on Paradox Interactive games.  If you spend a dollar you will receive Europia Universalis III Complete, War of the Roses:Kingmaker, Warlock:Master of the Arcane, Leviathan:Warships, Dungeonland, and The Showdown Effect.  If you spend over $5.80 you get the dollar titles, Crusader Kings II and Magicka.

If you spend over $125 dollars you can grab you can unlock more Paradox Interactive titles and 20 soundtracks. 

Sounds like a great deal right well visit for more information

New Gaming Bundle Site (PC Gaming)

Well there is a new gaming bundle site that I have never heard of and I was thinking there is probably others that never heard of it as well.  This bundle site usually has crazy deals on independent games released for Steam.  This site is called Bundle Stars and the deals constantly change if you would like to see what they offer please visit Bundle Stars.

Gamersgate Crazy Deals!!!! (PC Gaming)

Gamers Gate has some crazy deals on Full Out New Vegas Edition for the crazy price of $4.99 and also a deal on Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning Collection for $8.99.  There is other deals you may want to take a look at as well for more information visit:

Green Man Gaming 20% off coupon (PC Gaming)

Just wanted to let everyone know that Green Man Gaming has a 20% off coupon right now and can be used on most games.  Green Man Gaming always has crazy deals on games and you can still use the coupon with them to drop the price even more.  To use the coupon use "GMG25-R7GA8-XTUCY" on each checkout. As said it can be used on most games not at all for more information visit:

(Dreamcast Homebrew Download) DCAsteroids (SDISO)

Another Hombrew classic this is Asteroids in the 3D and pretty much demonstrates what Dreamcast can do for Hombrew.  I'm not sure who the author is of this game.  This is in SDISO format however you can extract the ISO and use Bootdreams to create a bootable Dreamcast CD-ROM Image.

Download available at:

ISO Make available at:

(Dreamcast Homebrew Download) DC-RTronic (SDISO)

This is Smash TV clone great little game I'm not sure who the author is of this game but its a great early homebrew title.  This download is in SDISO format you can extract the ISO and use Bootdreams to create a bootable Dreamcast CD-ROM image.

Download available at:

(Dreamcast Homebrew Download) DC Fighting (SDISO)

DC Fighting is an early demonstration of 3D homebrew gaming for the Dreamcast.  This is not by any means anything like other fighters for the Dreamcast but its still cool to see how far the homebrew community was growing at the time. Not sure who the author is of this great title.

Download available at:

ISO Make available at:

(Dreamcast Homebrew Download) Crazeeman (SDISO)

Crazeeman is a Pacman clone port not sure who the original port author is nor the actual author of the game.

Download available at:

ISO Make available at:

(Dreamcast Homebrew Download) Copper Swapper demo (SDISO)

This game is a clone of Bejewelled for the Dreamcast it was in a Goat Store competition and was created by Atani.

Download available at:

ISO Make available at:

(Dreamcast Homebrew Download) Convey (SDISO)

(Authors comments quoted) Convey is a game written originally in BASIC for use on RISC OS computers, here it is converted to SDL for multiplatform enjoyment. Guide the blob along the conveyer belt collecting the red blobs, if you miss any you go round again.  I believe this is a port by the IberDC team at Dreamcast Spain.  This is the SDISO version of the game you can extract the ISO and use Bootdreams to create a bootable Dreamcast CD-Rom

Download available at:

(Dreamcast Homebrew Download) Clonetris (SDISO)

Here is another Tetris clone don't know how the original author is nor the port author.  This is available in SDISO format but you can extract the ISO and use Bootdreams to create a bootable Dreamcast CD-Rom Image.

Download available at:

ISO Make available at:

(Dreamcast Homebrew Download) C-Dogs (SDISO)

This is a port of a famous dos game called Cdogs its the sequel to Cyberdogs. I believe there was 2 versions of this game available. This one has the odd frame drop but plays very well. Its a bird eyes view shooter and includes missions. This is the SDISO version of the game however you can extract the ISO and use Bootdreams to create a bootable Dreamcast CD-Rom Image.

Download available at:

ISO Make available at:

Friday, August 30, 2013

(Dreamcast Homebrew Download) BurgerDC (SDISO)

This game was released by Warmtoe.  This game is an awesome clone of Burger Time sadly there is only one level to play with but I'm sure you'd like to take a look at this nice homebrew game.  This is in SDISO format however you can extract the ISO and use Bootdreams to create a bootable Dreamcast CD-Rom image.

Download available at:

ISO Make available at:

(Dreamcast Hombrew Download) Bugs (SDISO)

Bugs is a Galaxian clone I don't know who ported this one although I believe this to be another great early Dreamcast homebrew game.  This is available in SD ISO format however you extract the ISO and use BootDreams to make a bootable Dreamcast CD-Rom image.

Download available at:

ISO Make available at:

(Dreamcast Homebrew Download) BricksDC (SDISO)

Here is another one ported by Indiket (IberDC) from  This is BricksDC which is another Tetris Clone.  This is in SD ISO format however you can extract the ISO and create a bootable Dreamcast CD-Rom Image file using Bootdreams.

Download available at: 

ISO Make available at:

(Dreamcast Homebrew Download) Blockdrop (SDISO)

This is Blockdrop which is a Tetris Clone don't really know who the author of this pretty game is.  This game is available in SDISO format however you can extract the iso and use Bootdreams to create a bootable Dreamcast CD-Rom image.

Download available at:

(Dreamcast Homebrew Download) Block Rage (SDISO)

This is Block Rage a clone of Xixit which is a clone of Columns.  It was ported by Indiket (IberDC) at  This game is in SDISO format and can be extracted to create a bootable Dreamcast CD-Rom Image using Bootdreams.

Download available at:

ISO Make available at:

(Dreamcast Homebrew Download) Blob Wars: Metal Blob Solid (SDISO)

This game was released in the early 2000's by Quzar it was released at Screamcast.  This is in SDISO format however you can extract the ISO and use Bootdreams to make a bootable Dreamcast CD-Rom Image.

(Dreamcast Homebrew Download) Blambastic (SDISO)

Blambastic ISO is a Fenix which are games that were released by the Team.  This download is available in SD ISO format however if you'd like to make a Dreamcast bootable image just extract the ISO and use bootdreams.

(Dreamcast Homebrew Downloads) Barrage (SDISO)

This game was released in 2003 for the Dreamcast by Will Sams.

Download Available At:

ISO Make available at:

(Dreamcast Homebrew Downloads) ApricotDC (SDISO)

Although named after a fruit and an unsure of the official name this game has an unknown author and unknown release date.  If I ever find out who ported this game and get an official name for the game I will edit this post.   Watch the video below for more information about the game.

Friday, August 23, 2013

DCeric Play's: Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst with Andy from Midwestslackers (Finish Ep.1 Pt.9)

On this live stream me and Andy from PeopleAreTasty complete episode 1 of Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst.  Now we prepare ourselves for our next mission and that is to complete the second episode.   --

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dreamcast: Balon Liners (IberDC port)

Now officially released by my good friends at, Balon Liners. This game puts together soccer and tetris. Well kind of When A block shows up in the upper right it bounces like a soccer ball This Time the blocks are not blocks but are shaped with soccer balls. Also the players field is much larger then a Tetris any other game I have seen. This game was created by GonGames and ported to the Dreamcast by Indiket (IberDC) and is Compatible with the SD Adapter and CD-Rom.

You can get the game at: ISO Make available at: 

DCeric's Review: Linkstyle Component to VGA Converter

DCeric's Review: Linkstyle Component to VGA Converter

Well I got another review here for you today this time for a gadget that would have been extremely helpful to me but it turns out it runs through the dirt.  Now what I was going to use this gadget for was to capture Dreamcast in upscaled 720p.  If you didn't know this already the Dreamcast used a VGA cable which enhanced the picture from 480i to 480p.  A lot of people probably would think to themselves "well this wouldn't do much" well your wrong cause it really does a good job on even newer High Definition tv screens.

Anyways not back on topic the Linkstyle Component to VGA Converter can be used to upscale from 480p to 720p.  Not only is it good for that but you can also use it with a Hauppauge HD PVR for capturing.  That sounds great right WRONG!!!!.  So this is how you get it all connected its a simple as ever.  Connect the VGA cable to the VGA Input and use Component and Audio cables out to the Hauppauge HD PVR (or a tv without capture).  Once connected in order for you to make it work with the Hauppauge you'll have to set it to 720p by pressing the mode button on the Linkstyle HD Component to VGA Converter.

For some reason the Hauppauge will not pick up the 480p resolution and I'm not sure about the 1080i resolution so your forced to use 720p.  Next up its time to power up the Dreamcast and wait for the game to load.  Once the game is loaded you now get very angry cause the intention of using this device wasn't only so you can play games in an upscaled 720p its so you can show your Youtube viewers better quality Dreamcast videos.

So with the picture below you'll see the problem i'm having I am going to note this only once the scanlines are from the VGA Adapter I'm using for the Dreamcast not the Linkstyle Component to VGA Converter.  But what you do see is noise and of course beautiful purple dots which really take your attention off the game itself.  I could put up with the noise but i won't be putting up with purple dots.  This was given to me as a gift cause I couldn't think up of anything better then making perfect quality Youtube videos and that has been destroyed.

Linkstyle Component to VGA Converter: enlarge to see the Purple dots (scanlines are from VGA Adapter)

So this was the biggest disappointment with this gadget but yet there is some more problems.  I decided to actually open the unit to see if there was an issue inside.  Funny thing is this gadget packs in a lot of heat so there has to be issues some where and that is why I got some more pictures to show you.  The VGA Input and Outputs are starting to ca-rode and even two inputs of the Component is starting to ca-rode as well.

                                                  (Ca-roded Vga Input and Output)

                                                     (Ca-roded Component Input)

So there you have it I believe this would explain my bad distaste and dislike for this horrible gadget. I actually came across the Linkstyle Component to VGA Converter through a video on Youtube by Adam Koralik.  He shown how brilliantly it works and from what I seen he had no issues.  Mine could be a defected unit which of course of means you have to be really careful when purchasing this item so you don't come across the issues shown in this review.

I have spoken spoken to Adam Koralik about this item and he said he didn't see an issue with his but he highly recommended using the VGA to HDMI instead it performs much better.  I can't review that one cause I don't have it but I will be posting both his videos down below so you can see what they are both supposed to do.  But I highly recommend bypassing the Linkstyle Component to VGA Converter it was a waste of money and I still don't have anything to show better quality with my Dreamcast video games :(.

                                              Adam Koralik (Linkstyle VGA to Component)

                                                      Adam Koralilk (VGA to HDMI)

DCeric Play's: Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst with Andy and Dmanplayer (Ruins Quests Pt.8)

On this live stream me, Andy and Dmanplayer play Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst.  The quest from the previous video finally gets completed and we complete 2 other quests.  I wonder whats next for quests in this amazing game. --

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

DCeric Play's: Sega Rally Online (Xbox 360)

Well today I was once again work with Open Broadcaster to see if I can add some new features to the stream plus give a bit more quality boost.  I'm not totally satisfied with the quality it bothers me but others say its not bad so that's why i put up with it.  Well during this Test Stream i though i'd give Sega Rally a go I do single track and then i try the championship twice.

DCeric Play's: Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst with Andy from Midwestslackers (Runes Quests Pt.7)

As usual me and Andy from Midwestslackers did another stream last night with Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst.  We weren't sure if we were prepared for the final Government Quests and of course we weren't.  We were able to finish the first quest but we need to level up more so were able to destroy enemies faster and collect data from these things that look like ice sculptures.  Well we will try again tonight cause my cousin will hopefully be joining and having 3 people should help us complete it.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

DCeric Play's:Arkedo Series 003:Pixel (Xbox 360)

Did another live stream today this for an awesome indie game called Pixel part of the Arkedo series of games and I play up to the Sky level.  Its a lovely platforming game which has puzzles and powerful enemies.  If your into Super Mario type platforming I would say give this game a try.  Kind of reminds me of a Gameboy game only with a different color set of Pixelation. For more information check out the video below.

DCeric Play's: After Burner Climax (Xbox 360)

So today I decided to do a Test Stream for After Burner Climax well I guess you could call it more then a Test Stream.  I played through one full route and you can check video below for more information.  There is a bit of lag only cause I had something else uploading while doing the stream however its not that bad and I hope you enjoy what you see.  If you wanna do your own live streams check out Open Broadcaster Software which is free and available at

Saturday, August 17, 2013

DCeric Play's: Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst with Andy from Midwestslackers (Failed Quests Pt.5)

Me and Andy continue to play Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst and fail to beat the Quest in this 2 hour episode. --

To watch the show live catch us at 10pm eastern time at

Friday, August 16, 2013

DCeric Play's Live Show

Thats right folks i'm doing up another live show 10pm eastern.  There maybe some give away's if I can get 10 or more followers and viewers.  Invite all of your friends and to take part in a give away you must be followed to the channel.  Me and Andy from Midwestslackers will be playing PSOBB (Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst) again tonight doing Government missions for the 3rd Chapter Mines and preparing for the boss battle.

To watch the stream please visit

DCeric Play's: Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst with Andy from Midwestslackers (more Quests Pt.4)

On this live Stream me and Andy play Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst and decide to keep doing quests to prepare ourselves for the water boss in Caves.  We finally are able to beat him and are now preparing for the 3rd chapter mines so keep watching live at 10pm (est) at

DCeric Play's: Atari 2600 and Atari 7800 (EMU7800 app via Windows 8 App Store)

On this live stream I play Atari 2600 and Atari 7800 with the free EMU7800 app available from the Windows 8 App Store.  I also have a special guest from Midwestslackers, Andy who joins in for talk about this pretty decent App. --

DCeric Play's: Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst (previous episodes)

This week I have been playing Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst with my good friend Andy and ft. Michael from Midwestslackers (  I had all episodes uploaded to Youtube but I wasn't able to record them as whole videos and ended up having them split into different parts that is up until now.  I didn't like them being split cause it spammed to much and there was just way to many videos.  So now I have all the episodes in seperate parts.  Part 1 being the Forest, Part 2 being Quests and Part 3 being the Caves.

Enjoy my friends and if you ever want to watch the show come join at 10pm(est) weekdays and prepare for some awesome give aways.

(Forest PT.1)

(Quests PT.2)

(Caves PT.3)

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Twitch Live Show 10pm (est) GIVEAWAY!!!

If any of you are into give away's prepare for tonight's live stream at 10pm (est).  Tonight me and possibly Andy from Midwestslackers are going to play up some PSOBB (Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst).  We will be doing up some more quests to level ourselves up to at least level 25 to beat the boss in the Caves to complete the 2nd chapter of the game.

I have 5 games to give away so watch and follow to be entered to win.

Get yourselves prepare and follow me at

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

DCeric Gets THE HANZO!!!!!

Thats right today I got my hands on a very special item called Hanzo.  I refer to it as The Hanzo cause it demands that sort of respect.  What this item does is allow you to play Dreamcast with a VGA cable which enhances the picture quality in 480p.  The device also allows you to play games in 480i for those games that don't support the VGA cable.  Yes that's right the only downfall to this item like all other VGA cables for the Dreamcast is there is only a select few games that don't support it.  No need to worry though cause the list of games that do support it look amazing on any LCD, LED, or Plasma screen.

This device also has a few other amazing features which include a scanline inducer which means those old fighter games that looked better on a CRT with scanlines can now look amazing on any of the new TV's that don't have scanlines.  The other features include thick or thin scanlines and a light or dark feature.  I would say thin scanlines is the best way to go and some games prefer the dark setting and look more realistic.

If you would like to learn more about Hanzo visit Register to the forums and click this link Dreamcast VGA box & Scanline generator.Here is some screens unfortunately I have to use my crappy upscaler so you'll see noise in some of the pictures and some blue dots so i'm warning you that this isn't from the Hanzo itself.

(UPDATE) They now have a website where you can purchase the product!hanzo/c1gph

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Dreamcast SD Compatible: xRick (IberDC version)

Now available for Dreamcast and compatible with the SD Adapter and CD-Rom xRick (IberDC version).  The download comes with both the Atari ST and PC versions.  This version fixes the audio issues that were in the earlier ports for Dreamcast however there is a bit of stutter while using the SD Adapter (used for this video) this does not happen while using CD-Rom.

Download available at:

ISO Make available at:

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

DCeric Play's: Tetris Friends (Browser Gaming)

Well I had some more time to play some video games today so I decided to play Tetris Friends which can be played at  I'm a pretty good player but I start having issues as I get to rank 14 and my wrists starting to hurt cause of where they have to be positioned to play the game.  I'm a big Tetris fan and I've been told i'm a pretty insane player so that is why I decided to bring it forward to people during a Twitch play of the game.

Yes the video has its quirks like its last but very minor I have multiple screens show up during breaks thats cause of the window selection of the screen I have chosen and I have to keep switching back and forth from Tetris Friends to Twitch to see the live chat.  Anyways enjoy the video if your a fan of Tetris you might like what you see.

DCeric Play's: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 (Dreamcast)

Alright folks here is my first rough work on Twitch well one of many but this one is by far the greatest one i have done so far.  It does contain some mild coarse language and hopefully in the future my videos will contain none as long as the games themselves don't piss me off.  As said being one of the first videos I still have quirks to work around that including some audio issues mostly the muffling with the mic however its not as bad as a previous video I did.  I still gotta learn how to do these videos and I would like to have some guests with me as well.  So enjoy what I have here and prepare for some more great videos.

Friday, August 2, 2013

The DCeric Show Twitch is now ALIVE!!!!


Well I bet you the people who view this blog site from time to time thought I was dead.  No but because of some health issues at the moment things are going a little slow.  No need to worry but when ever I get the energy to do another video on Youtube I will.  But i think to create more fun and a really easy setup was to setup a Twitch account.  I still have somethings to work on and that is to setup my Hauppuage Capture device as well as my VHS to DVD capture devices (which captures the old consoles).

I'm not live now but when I do I will let you all know but keep this website in your bookmarks and prepare for a good time.

Click this -----------> The DCeric Show: Game Play