Saturday, August 31, 2013

Humble Bundle Paradox Interactive Sale (PC Gaming)

Humble Bundle has always been known for its great deals but recently they have added weekly deals on top of there usual 2 week deals.  Right now there 2 week deal which is ending in 10 days is a comedy bundle. If you spend a dollar you can get Maria Bamford - The Special Special Special, Tig Notaro Live, Hannibal Buress My Name is Hannibal, Jim Norton and if you spend over $8.51 you unlock Louis C.K. Live at the Beacon Theater, Patrice O'Neal Unreleased, Patrice O'Neal Mr.P and all the other dollar titles.

The weekly deal is what were all looking for not that comedy isn't cool but I know people want some cool games.  This weeks deal is a sale on Paradox Interactive games.  If you spend a dollar you will receive Europia Universalis III Complete, War of the Roses:Kingmaker, Warlock:Master of the Arcane, Leviathan:Warships, Dungeonland, and The Showdown Effect.  If you spend over $5.80 you get the dollar titles, Crusader Kings II and Magicka.

If you spend over $125 dollars you can grab you can unlock more Paradox Interactive titles and 20 soundtracks. 

Sounds like a great deal right well visit for more information

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