Monday, September 23, 2013

Steam OS

A new Linux based OS is coming straight from Valve headquarters called Steam OS which will of course be used to play Steam games.  Being Linux based I presume that the only games compatible with it out of the box would be Linux compatible games.  Gabe had shown his hatred towards Microsoft with its release of Windows 8.  Gabe then fired back with a Steam client which could be used on compatible Linux Distro's like Ubuntu.

I'm not sure how many people have been on the Linux bandwagon with Steam but is Linux the future I guess we'll have to wait and see.  There isn't many features that fly at the moment other then In Home Streaming and Game Sharing.  Game Sharing of course will allow you to share your account with other members in your family or friends you can trust.  While this is enabled your friends can play your games in which you can't for the time being.

Game sharing was actually to be something Microsoft wanted for the Xbox One but since has been removed do to its DRM policies.  Another feature states you'll be able to listen to music and watch tv and movies I'm not quite sure how this will work but being an OS it might be an open desktop environment.

At the moment there isn't much information other then some basics of what the OS will do but if you keep your eyes on you'll be notified with more information as it progresses.

Nights Into Dreams (GamersGate Deal)

Those of you who are fans of the Nights Into Dreams classic which was released for the Sega Saturn back in 1996 can get a great deal on the game playable on your PC.  If you go to you can get the game for $2.50.  Once purchased you can use the serial key that was given to you and activate it on Steam.  You can now play the game in HD and the game also includes online achievements.

Get the game while the deal is still in place at:

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Kinectimals coming soon for Windows 8

It was told at the launch of Windows 8 that Kinectimals was going to be released for Windows 8.  Well we hadn't heard much news about it for awhile and people were thinking that it might be cause Windows 8 is doomed and the Kinect might not be to profitable for the operating system.  That may or may not be true but I found today in the Games For Windows Live app for Windows 8 an icon for Kinectimals.  I clicked play to see if it was available in the store it isn't yet but should be with in the next few days.  This of course could be good news for PC gamers and bring more possibilities for PC gaming.  I'm just hoping that Kinect is going to expand out of the Xbox Live Games for Windows and can be featured in many other games for PC.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Toe Jam and Earl 3 beta for Dreamcast?

That's right I just spotted a post with somebody indicating they bought a Dreamcast Devkit that could have a build of Toe Jam and Earl 3.  Now hopefully its true and hopefully its a pretty complete version none the less it would be good to see a release of this in the interwebs complete or not.

For more information about this check the below:

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Xbox Ones Release Date

Xbox One has finally received a release date and it looks like people will be getting theirs on November 22nd of this year.  A lot of people earlier this year were not to happy about the system and that would include myself.  Most of the issues were of course surrounded at the systems DRM which meant your system had to be connected to the internet in order to play games.  That of course since has been pulled all users now can play there games without having an internet connection if they get the systems first update and you'll be able to play used games.

Other issues were that the system was forced to use Kinects voice recognition which a lot of people thought was foolish.  That has since been pulled from the system as well and the user has an option to either use Kinect voice recognition or use the controller.  What this will mean for the future of Xbox One would possibly lead to a price drop considering its almost $100 dollars more then the PS4 cause it comes bundled with a Kinect.  So lets hope everything goes well for the Xbox and everybody can get it November 22nd.

(UPDATE) Guess I could have included the price which will be $500 dollars so prepare to mortgage your home

Lord of the Rings War In The North, Steam Deal

You can grab Lord of The Rings War In The North for 4.99 its regular price 19.99.  So if your a fan of this game you'll be saving that 15 dollars what are you waiting for get it today.

You can get the game here:

Men of War Collection, Bundle Stars deal

You can right now grab the whole Men of War Collection at Bundle Stars which means all the games and there DLC for $3.14 the total value of this package is $150.  So sounds like a great deal right well head on over to and grab the collection i'm sure $3.14 isn't that bad of a deal.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Ha ha Senator John McKain Caught Playing his Iphone

                                         (Photo by Melina Mara/The Washington Post)

Well if you were bored watching that Senate hearing today lol Senator John McKain wasn't cause he was caught over the shoulder playing his Iphone by the Washington Post. Then John McKain himself tweets " Scandal! Caught playing iPhone game at 3+ hour Senate hearing - worst of all I lost!"

For more information on that visit:

Gunlord for 3DS and Wii U (Indiegogo)

Well i'm a little late on the news but NG:DEV.TEAM's release of Gunlord for the Sega Dreamcast might be getting developed for the Nintendo DS and Wii U if they can come up with the funds.  With your help we can make this possible cause they have setup an Indiegogo and are asking for your help.  Visit the following link for more information and watch the teaser below:

WRC 3 Fia World Rally Championship, Gamersgate Deal

Right now you can get WRC 3 Fia World Rally Championship for $20.00 that's about half price which well is a pretty damn good deal so get it before it goes back to $39.99

If your interested in picking this title up you can get it from:

Star Trek, Steam Deal

Star Trek the latest game is available for $14.99 get it before the price goes back up to $29.99

You can get the game here:

Metro series Steam Deal

The Metro series is on sale right now you can get Metro 2033 for $3.75 and you can get Metro Last Light $19.99.  Hurry up before they go back up!!!

You can check out the deals for both games at this link:

Gamefly Deals (PC GAMING)

Gamefly once again has some great deals for the following games:

Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY -%66
Batman Arkham City GOTY - %67
Transformers War For Cyberton -%50
The Amazing Spiderman -%50
King's Bounty Platinum Edition -%50
Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara  -%40
Deadpool -%33
Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs -%20
Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale -%50
The Walking Dead -%66
The Darkness II -%75
The Adventures of Tin Tin The Video Game -%75
Transformers Fall of Cybertron -%67

You can get the games at the following link:

Monday, September 2, 2013

Another Amazing Thanks to Justin Loebbaka

Well I have been having problems all week and today is slow for blogging for one reason.  I got this new board which seems to have issues with Windows 8.1 preview.  I thought everything was fine running with Windows 8 but 8.1 preview non stop issues.  The first i got this board it had paste on the socket so I had to clean it with rubbing alcohol and a tooth brush.  Then of course I had issues running copies of Windows I purchased cause they had OEM license restrictions to one board.  So I had asked for donations and I do feel bad about asking donations but there is things in my head that say its usually not bad idea to do so.

Well a buddy of mine Justin Loebbaka heard my cries for help cause he realizes that the work we do on the web is important he also realizes that donations aren't such a bad idea.  For me donations aren't bad but I guess it depends on the target audience.  People who aren't into electronics like me and others are may see pointless reasons for a donation.  For me to continue giving to an audience I obviously need to run a operating system.  Justin Loebbaka went out of his way and actually got me a copy of Windows 8 OEM and even gave me a bunch of other things I didn't even ask for.  Just wanted to thank him for this lovely donation this should hopefully get things up and running much better then they are currently.

(Dreamcast Homebrew Download) Eremit (SDISO)

Eremit is a game where you remove balls from the board until you have one left.  Its a pretty hard game the first time you play it but once you beat it, it does get pretty repetitive. This port was created by Indiket.

Download available at:

(Dreamcast Homebrew Download) Epiphany (SDISO)

This is Epiphany I've played many games like this and it looks like its a clone of a game called Crystal Caves.  This game is in SD format however you can extract the ISO and use bootdreams to create a bootable Dreamcast CD-Rom Image

(Dreamcast Homebrew Download) Eier (SDISO)

What is Eier well I believe the title is actually in German and means Egg.  What you do is collect eggs in a bucket if you drop an egg its game over.  The game is available in SD Format however you can extract the ISO and use bootdreams to create a bootable Dreamcast CD-Rom Image.

Download available at:

ISO Make available at:

(Dreamcast Homebrew Download) Echoes Quests (SDISO)

Echoes Quests is an amazing 3D sidescrolling platformer which is actually a clone of a game that was released for the Turbo GFX.  This game is in SD Format however you can extract the ISO and use Bootdreams to create a bootable Dreamcast CD-Rom Image.

Download available at:

ISO Make available at:

(Dreamcast Homebrew Download) Duke Nukem 3D (SDISO, Shareware)

Well you all know this one created by the popular company 3D Realms, Duke Nukem 3D well this is a port and I can't find any information about who the author of the port is.  This of course is a Alpha and was never fully completed so there will be some issues.  This is in SD Format however you can extract the ISO and use Bootdreams to create bootable Dreamcast CD-Rom Images.

Download available at:

ISO Make available at:

(Dreamcast Homebrew Download) Dumbbell (SDISO)

This game is a clone of Snake and I don't really have anymore information then that not even a screenshot.

Download available at:

ISO make available at:

(Dreamcast Homebrew Download) Dreamchess (SDISO)

Dreamchess is a early Dreamcast homebrew game and if your a fan of chess you'll probably like this one.  It is just a demo however i do believe you are able to play a full set not really sure cause i'm not to good at chess.  This game is available in SD format however you can extract the ISO and use Bootdreams to create a bootable Dreamcast CD-Rom Image.

Download available at:

(Dreamcast Homebrew Download) DRAM (SDISO)

DRAM is a game which was created by JMD it was actually created as a joke cause at the time he was trying to look for some SD Ram and was having a tough finding some. In the game you use his name JMD and dodge ram module sticks if you hit one its game over.  This game is in SDISO format however you can extract the ISO and use Bootdreams to create a bootable Dreamcast CD-ROM image.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Tomb Raider 70% percent off (Get Games Go, PC Gaming)

Get Games Go has the latest Tomb Raider installment going for a crazy deal of $12.49 go get it now before it goes back to its regular price of $49.99.

Visit this link for more information:

Batman Arkham Origins FREE With Your Next Nvidia Video Card Purchase

Nvidia has been working with Warner Brothers Montreal on what is said to be a PC exclusive technology which will be seen in Batman Arkham Origins.  A tech trailer should be available tomorrow which will show what this exclusive technology will look like.  Batman Arkham Origins looks like its going the way of next gen but it looks as if PC gamer's are going to be the ones offered that next gen feel.  The game will however be released in a not so good looking way for the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii-U but should still be fun anyways.  The game is also currently being developed for Playstation Vita and the Nintendo 3DS.

You'll be able to get Batman Origins for free with select Nvidia video cards.  For more information on this keep your eyes peeled on both and which should have information about this amazing deal along with the tech trailer for Batman Arkham Origins.  To see more information about Batman Arkham Origins visit

Rainbow Six Vegas and Magic 2013 free with Xbox Live Gold (Xbox 360)

That's right starting today to the 15th of this month you'll be able to get Rainbow Six Vegas and Magic 2013 for free on your Xbox 360's but only if you have Xbox Live Gold.  So if you want to get a hold of these games go and get yourself a Xbox Live Gold subscription.  If you would like to learn a little more about Xbox Live Gold's free give away's visit

Grid 2 50% percent off (Steam, PC Gaming)

Today Steam has Grid 2 for 50% perfect off so you can grab it for a measily $24.99 but hurry you have till Tuesday 10am PST and then it will go back to its regular price which is $49.99.

Visit this link for more information:

Mega Man Getting a Spiritual Successor

Mega Man is getting a spiritual successor that is of course with your help.  The game is called Mighty No.9 and what makes it a spiritual successor that Kenji Inafune the co-creator of Mega Man is the main designer for this game.  Of course the game will also have help from others who made Mega Man a popular game since its inception back in 1987 and following years.  If you would like to learn a little more about Mighty No.9 and see how you can help make this game come true visit Might No.9's Kickstarter page and send a little donation.  The game is to be released on PC and has hopes to be released on consoles and other platforms if they can get there donations kept.

This is what everybody was hoping for well close to it anyways.  With Kenji Inafune this means we will get a game we know will be as good as Mega Man or better.  Kenji Inafune was with Capcom over 20 years before leaving the company in 2010 to which he claims to start a new life.  Of course that has come true and he has started a new development company called Comcept.  

For more information on the game and to give your donation please click this link:

Hmmm a Bios Problem or Not?

Well I got this new motherboard the Asus AMD Sabertooth 990FX its a pretty sweet board and if you didn't know how fancy this board is you should check out the website for more information right here >>> ASUS AMD Sabertooth 990FX.  Anyways I of course have run into a few problems one of them being that I can't use my Windows OEM licenses which of course can't be fix and has been stated in an earlier post.  However I have another issue which has been clarified by a close friend to be a normal problem.  I'm not sure if it is or not but I'd like to know if you the readers can clarify that this issue is normal cause its been stated by my friend boards using the UEFI bios that its normal.  I have a video and yes its in garbage quality I didn't have a good enough camera to record the video so bare with it lol.

Rad Raygun Getting a Possible Sequel?

Well of course I do my average viewing on Facebook and am joined to many developers group pages.  One of them of course is the developers for Rad Raygun.  I'm not sure if everybody has heard this yet but it looks like they are doing a sequel.  Its been stated on their group page that they are working with Majesco's Indie Label to develop the sequel which is called Super Rad Raygun.  If you haven't played the first game you should watch my review for it below.  There is no information what this is being developed for but it maybe released for the Xbox 360 seen as that was the system the first game was released on.  Rad Raygun does have a Greenlight program for Steam so make your vote here:Rad Raygun (Greenlight).  With that being said it may or may not get a PC port.

Rad Rayguns Facebook Group:

(Dreamcast Homebrew Download) Dopewars (SDISO)

In the early 2000's I was well known for one thing in the Dreamcast scene the annoying Dreamcast port requester.  However today i don't think of it as a bad idea cause if there is one thing these coders can be remembered by its creating lovely ports like this next game.  This game of course is a port of a popular game which was released for a variety of systems called Dopewars.  This was ported by Kamjin and your objective is to sell drugs and buy drugs and of course not get shot dead.  The longer you can buy and sell and keep yourself protect the bigger your score gets.  Of course yes this maybe not everybody's favorite game cause yes it involves drugs but it a highly addictive game.

Download available at:

ISO Make available at:

(Dreamcast Homebrew Download) Digger (SDISO)

Digger available for the Sega Dreamcast and ported by Kamjin

Download available a:

(Dreamcast Homebrew Download) Dodgin Diamonds 2, beta (SDISO)

Dodgin Diamonds 2 available for the Dreamcast and compatible with the SD Adapter.  This has been ported by Indiket and has tons of fixes over previous releases and two player mode is now playable.

Download available at:

ISO Make available at:

(Dreamcast Homebrew Download) Devilish Racing (SDISO)

This is Devilish Racing which is a clone of the overtop birdeyes view racers.  This game was created with Fenix and I believe ported to the Dreamcast by the IberDC team at  This game is available in SD format however the ISO can be extracted and you can use Bootdreams to create a bootable Dreamcast CD-Rom Image.

Download available at:

(Dreamcast Homebrew Download) DefendquinDC (SDISO)

This of course is a popular port of Defendquin from the Linux operating system.  This game is pretty much a near perfect clone of Defender.  This game is available in SD format however you can extract the ISO file and use bootdreams to create a bootable Dreamcast CD-Rom Image.

Download available at:

ISO Make available at:

(Dreamcast Homebrew Download) Deathchase 3D (SDISO)

Deathchase 3D is a simple game and there is many clones like it and I believe maybe a clone of a game with the same name however i'm not to sure about that lol.  All you have to do is shoot an enemy tank and make sure you don't get hit.  If you get hit its game over and you know you'll have to restart so you can finally defeat your enemy.  This game is available in SD format however you can extract the ISO and use bootdreams to create a bootable Dreamcast CD-Rom Image.  This port was created by my good friend Reaper.

Download available at:

ISO Make available at:

(Dreamcast Homebrew Download) DCSquares (SDISO)

DCSquares has only a few objectives and that is collect green squares and watch out for the red ones.  Sounds simple right well it actually gets pretty hard as you get further the game gets faster the squares get bigger and you'll have to move around quickly to obtain a good score.

Having a good score can be a good thing if you'd like to compete against other players by uploading your score at  There is also squares that help you in the game as well but watch out for squares that can change the difficulty in the blink of an eye.

This game is in SD Format however the ISO can be extracted and you can use Bootdreams to create a bootable Dreamcast CD-Rom Image.

Download available at:

ISO Make available at:

(Dreamcast Homebrew Download) DCQuad (SDISO)

Here is another early Dreamcast homebrew game and this is another fine example of development for the Dreamcast.  It was released in the early 2000's by an unknown author and is a tetris clone which kind of represents the Gameboy version of Tetris.  Its a very beautiful clone I've seen many for Dreamcast but this one right here stands out.  This is in SD Format but you can extract the ISO and use Bootdreams to make a bootable Dreamcast CD-Rom Image.

Download available at:

ISO Make available at:

(Dreamcast Homebrew Download) DCPlaya (SDISO)

Well this isn't a game but a pretty well known app for the Dreamcast which allows you to listen to music and watch movies. This seems to be a beta and is compatible with the SD Adapter but may have issues with some cards so be advised. There is no compatibility list for what card it supports.

It can play the following files:

Video: FLV, MPG, XVID, Divx

Audio: MP3, OGG Vorbis, MOD, S3M, NSF, SID Music, SC68, and CD's

Supports list of audio/track

Images: JPEG, BMP and GIF

It player contains multiple skins to chose from

Supports the keyboard and VMU

Download available at:

(Dreamcast Homebrew Download) DCPang (SDISO)

DC Pang is a clone of a very popular game called Pang which was released on a variety of consoles including the Sega Saturn.  In the game you have to pop bubbles with your spear rod while dodging the bubbles if you get hit by a bubble you lose life and once all your lives are gone its game over.

(Dreamcast Homebrew Download) DCBlap (SDISO)

DCBlap is a ball and paddle game similar to Arkanoid with beautiful 3D graphics.  Its another early Dreamcast Homebrew Game created by Sam Steele.  You can visit Sam Steele's webpage at

Download available at:

ISO Make available at:

CTV99 On Twitch Informative Live Gaming Show

Well I've been pretty good friends with CTV99 for awhile all I knew him as was a fan of Dreamcast games and a pretty smart PC tech.  But what i didn't notice is how good he is at doing live shows and is pretty informative with the games he plays.  He does live shows around 6pm Central Time but often does shows randomly.  He actually has one going on at this very moment I'm posting this.  He usually plays Eve Online so if your into that sort of game you'll enjoy what you'll see but he has said he would like to play other games as well and he also excepts requests.  There is also a bit of comedy in the show do to a nice live feed.  CTV99 interacts with his viewers which keeps the viewers coming back.  To find out when he has a live show going you can follow him and you'll receive notices in your email about when a live show is going.

To watch his live show check out: