Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Xbox Ones Release Date

Xbox One has finally received a release date and it looks like people will be getting theirs on November 22nd of this year.  A lot of people earlier this year were not to happy about the system and that would include myself.  Most of the issues were of course surrounded at the systems DRM which meant your system had to be connected to the internet in order to play games.  That of course since has been pulled all users now can play there games without having an internet connection if they get the systems first update and you'll be able to play used games.

Other issues were that the system was forced to use Kinects voice recognition which a lot of people thought was foolish.  That has since been pulled from the system as well and the user has an option to either use Kinect voice recognition or use the controller.  What this will mean for the future of Xbox One would possibly lead to a price drop considering its almost $100 dollars more then the PS4 cause it comes bundled with a Kinect.  So lets hope everything goes well for the Xbox and everybody can get it November 22nd.

(UPDATE) Guess I could have included the price which will be $500 dollars so prepare to mortgage your home


  1. Where can i buy wii u pro controller cheap don't be a bitch

  2. Ebay is your friend..... don't be rude and maybe you'll get a better reply


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