Sunday, September 1, 2013

CTV99 On Twitch Informative Live Gaming Show

Well I've been pretty good friends with CTV99 for awhile all I knew him as was a fan of Dreamcast games and a pretty smart PC tech.  But what i didn't notice is how good he is at doing live shows and is pretty informative with the games he plays.  He does live shows around 6pm Central Time but often does shows randomly.  He actually has one going on at this very moment I'm posting this.  He usually plays Eve Online so if your into that sort of game you'll enjoy what you'll see but he has said he would like to play other games as well and he also excepts requests.  There is also a bit of comedy in the show do to a nice live feed.  CTV99 interacts with his viewers which keeps the viewers coming back.  To find out when he has a live show going you can follow him and you'll receive notices in your email about when a live show is going.

To watch his live show check out:

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