Sunday, September 1, 2013

Rad Raygun Getting a Possible Sequel?

Well of course I do my average viewing on Facebook and am joined to many developers group pages.  One of them of course is the developers for Rad Raygun.  I'm not sure if everybody has heard this yet but it looks like they are doing a sequel.  Its been stated on their group page that they are working with Majesco's Indie Label to develop the sequel which is called Super Rad Raygun.  If you haven't played the first game you should watch my review for it below.  There is no information what this is being developed for but it maybe released for the Xbox 360 seen as that was the system the first game was released on.  Rad Raygun does have a Greenlight program for Steam so make your vote here:Rad Raygun (Greenlight).  With that being said it may or may not get a PC port.

Rad Rayguns Facebook Group:

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