Thursday, November 13, 2014

F-Zero GX (Dolphin Emulator, 60fps)

So a lot of people have been throwing out demonstration vids of games being played at 60fps cause of Youtube's implementation of being able to play videos at 60fps.  Sure a lot of these videos are pretty amazing but I don't think there is anything more amazing then playing or watching F-Zero GX in 60fps.  Prepare to puke and wonder how the hell anyone is able to play this game.  You can't play this game cause its one of the most difficult games ever.  Why do people play the game cause of the amazing graphics, the futuristic game play and cause its a Nintendo arcade classic.

Well I hope you enjoy the video but do be aware that there is some slow downs cause of the Dolphin Emulator and capture software.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo Component Cables (Kickstarter)

I forgot to post this but this is good for anyone who owns an SNES or Sega Genesis. HD Retrovision LLC have made component cables which no doesn't make the system play in HD.  But what it does do is fix horrible picture bleed that composite or RCA cables give you and gives you a more clear picture.  I couldn't recommend this more to you and its been something i've been looking for, for awhile now.  Below is the kickstarter they are almost 90% funded if you'd like to make these cables a reality then click the link below and fund.