Saturday, December 31, 2011

The DCeric Show PC Benchmark:Unigine Tropics Demo v1.3


Hello I know its been awhile since i have posted anything.  Its around this season when i get really exhausted from the weather and that holiday we call Christmas.

None the less i felt like it was time to get ready to upload a new video.  Some people might find this a lazy job and indeed it is.  But its something i have decided to throw together cause i had a previous benchmark but i have since upgraded my ram.

Also the previous benchmark was Unigine's Heaven Benchmark Tool which is great. But this one chooses my favorite setting.  I've always loved water themed levels in my games cause they always look so beautiful.  With todays technology water themed levels look a whole lot better bringing realism to gaming. 

So please check out the video and see how well my computer can handle Unigine's Tropics Demo.

Tropics Demo Settings:

API: DirectX 11
Ambient Occlusion: ON
Reflection: ON
Shaders: High
Anistropy: 16
Anti-Aliasing: 8
Vsync: OFF

PC Hardware:

CPU: Type HexaCore AMD Phenom II X6 Black Edition 1090T, 3200 MHz (16 x 200)

Motherboard: Asus M4N98TD Evo (2 PCI, 2 PCI-E x1, 2 PCI-E x16, 4 DDR3 DIMM, Audio, Gigabit LAN, IEEE-1394)

Motherboard Chipset: nVIDIA nForce 980a SLI, AMD K10

System Memory: Corsair CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9 16 GB DDR3-1600 DDR3 SDRAM (9-9-9-24 @ 666 MHz) (8-8-8-22 @ 592 MHz) (7-7-7-19 @ 518 MHz) (6-6-6-16 @ 444 MHz)

Friday, November 25, 2011

The DCeric Show: Episode 7

Hello and welcome back to another blog post for The DCeric Show.  In this episode of The DCeric Show we go back to 1994 with Donkey Kong Country for the Super Nintendo.  Also Gameplay has now been implemented into the show to give new and old gamers something new.

Gameplay will mostly be of newer games that i enjoy that you may buy if you enjoy what you see.  This was done so i dont single out new gamers and they get a sneak peek of new games they never heard of and games they want to check out before they buy.

So on this episode i decided to do Donkey Kong Country and the reason being is its one of my all time fav games.  I had the Nintendo i loved it to death then i got the Super Nintendo and it came with Super Mario All-Stars but when Donkey Kong Country was released you couldnt keep me away from the system.

I'd play the game with my mother, my cousins and my brother and sister.  We all enjoyed the game and had a blast playing it.  I also remember having a tough time beating this level where you had to jump up to barrels that have the words stop on them to stop enemies from walking back and forth and these were enemies you cant jump on with either Donkey Kong or Diddy Kong.  Eventually i just found out you jump to the boxes and keep moving as fast as you can and you can beat the level.

At first when i was a kid like all kids thought this game was tough as you get older these types of games become easier or its maybe because i played and beat this game so many times and that tells you how much i enjoyed this game.

Fun little characters beautiful colors and excellent well designed levels created a great game that everyone would enjoy.  There were so many reasons to enjoy this game not only cause of that other stuff. The mini games kept things fun and kept you thinking about what you need to do to get that extra man kind of like playing a board game on your tv screen.  Those were the reasons why people kept coming back to play as they wanted to see what the next bonus level would award them.

Well i wouldnt say it was just cause of that but you also wanted to check out all the bosses in the game and what the rest of the levels had to offer and also complete the game to see what happens.  Id play it at home and when ever i'd go to my cousins i'd play it there but it really did bring the family together aswell.  The great thing about this game is that even though it was good back then today its still one of the great games Nintendo has ever made.

Well i really enjoyed that game but there is another game i am currently enjoy and trying to beat.  This is an indie game made by Pixeltao the same company that made the freeware game Ninja Senki available for the PC.  Well Wizorb is a very strange game indeed but strange always makes a great game and what we have here is a block breaking role playing game.  Yeah i am not just saying this it is exactly what i just said.

The game takes ideas from Zelda and throws it right into an Arkanoid type of game.  Collect magic and you can blow wind so your ball can hit that block that you cant get to or use the fireballs to destroy the blocks but of course becareful cause that magic does waste.  Through out the game there is so many things to collect like coins, jewels, magic bottles, hearts and other great weapons that'll do something for your character whether its giving you an extra life or making your paddle larger so you dont miss the balls.

The game also includes bosses that add to the strategy of the game which really makes it even more fun.  The game includes a map so you can select your levels to play and you can also select your homeland which again is similar to Zelda where you can walk around and talk to any characters on the screen.  The main thing in this game is to collect enough money to repair the village which can easily be done by selecting a level and playing the game.

I've found this game pretty fun but i am finding that the easy difficulty might not be my thing as you see the same enemy characters on the screen depending on the location you are in the game and you battle so many levels in that location that it feels repetitive.  None the less i do feel its a great game and you will go back to it so you see what happens at the end of the game and the mini games always bring you back for more fun.

Thanks for reading as always check out the video for more information on the games as you get a more indepth experience featuring game play of the games and some information that may not be in this blog.  If you enjoy this blog and my videos please subscribe and leave a comment on how you enjoyed or disliked my writing or my videos.  Thanks for reading/watching and i hope you come back to see what i have next for you.



Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The DCeric Show T-Shirt

Thats right last week i decided to promote my show with making a T-Shirt.  As being my first shirt i forgot a couple things one of them being really important to the shirt and the other minor.  The minor problem was that i chose a small resolution of the logo which can cause a little pixelation. Mean while that seems bad its not that bad the picture turned out alright but the next time i'll be using a larger resolution.  The most important problem was that i forgot to put the link to the website on the shirt (  

The reason why thats important is if you want to know why people are looking at the shirt it better be for a good reason and that should be linking you right to my youtube site.  I did a layout at first but i took it off cause i didnt like the layout and wasnt thinking about how i could make it look good on the back of the T-Shirt i tried it on the front but that was a really stupid idea.

Being the first it doesnt look bad its mine so i know where the website is but the next time i'll be using a much better resolution of the logo and a website on the back of the T-Shirt.  Anyways as usual please check back here for more information on the show and check out the youtube channel for more information.  If you'd like to know who i am then add me at

Thanks for watching/reading


Sunday, November 20, 2011

The DCeric Show: Episode 3

So this is The DCeric Show episode 3 and there is a lot to talk about in this one.  Well i bought the Sega Dreamcast at the end of 2002 just before Sega said they would pull the plug on the beloved system.  I heard so many things about this system i think the thing that made me want this system is the homebrew gaming community.

Being able to play free games without using a modchip was a great deal for me.  Unfortunately i was looking for homebrew as downloading commercial games would be the illegal route and yes you could download commercial games and play them on the system if you had the specific software to do so.

But i will not get into that discussion as thats going into the piracy category and i wouldn't want to stick myself there.  I did however get 2 games free with my Sega Dreamcast and that was the Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver and The Next Tetris Online.  What i was looking for was Sonic Adventure but those 2 games were fine minus the issues of not being able to play The Next Tetris Online cause i believe it had problems connecting to servers or they shut the server down which doesn't matter because as of 2003 most games went offline by then anyways with the exception of PSO, Quake 3 Arena, 4x4 Evolution and Star Lancer.  However eventually the official servers shutdown for pso.  But you can now find hack servers to play PSO online for the Sega Dreamcast.

I thought Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver was a great game but after awhile it just feels like your doing the same thing over and over and it got bland after awhile.  I liked how they updated the graphics though cause it was sharper then the Playstation version and was more vibrant and colorful.  Well i know i didn't get Sonic Adventure when i bought my Dreamcast but i then decided to look around for the game.  I called a local game shop and by surprise they had the game and i picked it up.

Well you've played the earlier versions of Sonic the Hedgehog aswell as the newer games.  We all know that most of the newer games with the exception of Sonic Generations have been horrible.  But when Sonic Adventure came out it proved that Sonic can go 3D and it can make a great game.  Colorful graphics, fun mini games and a great adventure made it a very fun game for the family there wasn't any multiplayer in the game it was just a fun game for everyone to take turns.

Another Sonic Adventure game was produced and it was a big hit and it was one of the last games made for the Dreamcast.  Sonic Heroes came out and it felt almost like the "Adventure" series of games but instead you played as a team which changed the game play a bit.  It was fun but to some the Adventure series was probably the best 3D games and Heroes killed it.

Well there was a lot of great games for the Dreamcast but there was one that really stuck out and had the biggest production costs of any game released in the year 2001.  Shenmue was released being the first open world game and it helped other companies use that same concept later in games like Grand Theft Auto.  Yu Suzuki decided we could make a RPG game using fighting mechanics similar to games like Virtual Fighter and that idea indeed worked.

It brought 2 things together in one world fighting and RPG and i believe that fans of both those genres of games would enjoy it.  Unfortunately the game didn't bring in enough sales cause the Dreamcast didn't bring in enough sales.  The biggest problem was that you could play backed up games without using a modchip.  Later Sega acknowledged this problem and made a "Sports" system which would lock out the usage of playing backed up games on a CD-R.  But that system didn't save Sega and they were still losing money.

Around the same time the Sports system got released PS2 was on the verge of getting released.  The major difference was that PS2 had a DVD player and Dreamcast didn't.  PS2 from what i heard at the time was the cheapest DVD player on the market and the fact you could play games made it a very good choice for gamers and movie watchers you got 2 things in one system for a great price.  The Dreamcast couldn't be saved and when the PS2 came out Sega was making crazy deals to get a Dreamcast in every house hold.  Those deals didn't work people wanted the PS2 and Sega decided i think its time we pull the plug on the system.

Very sad news so many great games available for the system like Power Stone, Marvel Vs Capcom 2, Phantasy Star Online and Sonic Adventure.  The Dreamcast also had amazing arcade ports basically do to the fact the NAOMI arcade platforms used identical hardware to the Dreamcast and one of the being the GD-Rom.  So most games that were released on the Naomi later got ported to the Sega Dreamcast which wasnt hard to do cause they used the identical hardware.

To me the Dreamcast was a great system it was one of the first 128bit systems released.  It had some minor problems and some problems that people hated and the major problem was its online servers and the fact the system still used dial up to connect to any of the servers.  Which meant that you would disconnect from some games either losing items you collected like in PSO.  Sega later cut there prices on the online service oh yeah that's right you had to pay money to use there servers.  But even reducing the prices of usage to there servers didn't do well and at the end of Dreamcast production Sega had decided that all games would go online for free except the PSO series of games.

Eventually the Dreamcast was found dead in March of 2001 and was missed by many and it was funny that when the system got the plug pulled it was starting to generate more fans and i think some sites still called it system of the year up to 2004.  The system will be missed but still lives on in the fans who still have a Dreamcast that works.  I once again hope you enjoyed the read and i will have another news post available for the 4th episode of The DCeric Show.  I hope you watch the episode at the top of the page cause there will be a more in depth experience which shows gameplay aswell information that may not be here.



Saturday, November 19, 2011

The DCeric Show: Episode 2

Here is episode 2 of The DCeric Show this was a very favorite game of mine.  I remember playing the first game and thought it was amazing.  Im glad in the second game they went with using animation for video instead of using live action.

Yeah it may sound very weird that i think using animation would be perfect but the reason why the idea was so good is how it was done.  The game had a very dark feeling to it and the way the characters looked it made them have this realistic look.

Twisted Metal did bad with using real actors as the acting was really cheesy and kind of looked awful.  Im not saying it was an awful game though cause if it was that bad they wouldnt have made Twisted Metal 2.  But they did so much to Twisted Metal 2 it just made the series even better but it was sad that Singletrac closed there studio's and 989 Studios went on to making Twisted Metal 3 up to Small Brawl.

Twisted Metal 3 wasnt all that awful but the art you seen in Twisted Metal 2 was scrapped cause 989 Studio's couldnt grab the licensing for the engine that Twisted Metal 2 had.  So Twisted Metal 3 went on with a more cartoonish look for the characters and in game things looked a little more sharp but it really did change how the series originally was and they changed the ending character to someone that had nothing to do with the series and was weird and probably the reason why you didnt see him in any recent Twisted Metal games.

Twisted Metal 4 came along and 989 wanted to change the theme once again and it was a odd one.  It was more alien like to me taking the theme from a dark theme to something that came out of Area 51.  I didnt play that game all that much the gameplay all around was the same but it was just how the game felt to me that it took me out of the game.  But the thing that made Twisted Metal 3 and 4 good was its soundtrack with artists like Rob Zombie and others which made the game the only reason why to play it.

Then Small Brawl came along and some of the developers that worked for Singletrac formed Incognito Software which if you didnt know made Twisted Metal series what it is today.  But unfortunately Small Brawl wasnt one of them.  This game was directed morely near kids and kids were playing the original games anyways even though the rating was a higher age then what was recommended.  So Small Brawl wasnt the best selling game and was one of the last games that was made for PSX so people were moving away from that system to the PS2 where they could play something more superior.

Thats right Incognito wanted to bring back Twisted Metal to its roots they thought that 989 Studios really killed the game when they made Twisted Metal 3 and made it even worse when they made Twisted Metal 4.  What was even more awesome is they got David Jaffe who was the designer for the first game and then became the director, producer and designer of the second game and he went on to working on Twisted Metal Black for the PS2.

He then decided he wanted to bring the game back to its roots where it was before and i even remember him saying that Sweet Tooth looked like crap in the 3rd game.  He didnt put hate on Twisted Metal 3 and 4 as it kept the same game play but it just changed what the series was all about.  Well since Twisted Metal Black the series has once again became a fan favorite with Twisted Metal Head On which was released for PSP and released for PS2 as Twisted Metal Head On: Extra Twisted Edition and would add extra content.

Well 2012 is coming and were still waiting on the new game which is called Twisted Metal yeah its using the same name as the first game.  I always find it weird when companies do things like that cause you'd think they they couldnt come up with anything better.  Well they could have gone with something like Twisted Metal 7 or something. Anyways the name may sound bad but we've heard that the game has some pretty cool features which i dont know if they have scrapped by now.  But i cant wait for the game and i know you cant either.

Well thanks for reading once again and if this news post didnt give you all the information you wanted you should check out the video at the top of the page.  Once again there is currently 6 videos to watch and i am gradually adding them to this blog.  Dont worry there will be more video's added soon to the DCeric channel just give it time.  So visit for more information on the games and get a more in depth experience as you get to see the game play and there might be more information in the videos that you dont see here.

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Welcome to The DCeric Show blog

First off if you just came here by chance you may have come to a place you want to stick around.  This blog is dedicated to one of the greatest gaming shows on youtube.  Its dedicated to retro gaming and explains the history of the games aswell as memories i've had growing up playing them.  I came across this idea one day after looking at a screenshot of The Brady Bunch and thought about putting a picture of myself in each square as a joke then i thought of making a video of my face doing different things for each square.

Then i thought of the idea of putting video games in the squares and that actually hit off pretty well.  I thought if i was going to do that i mine aswell do something with this as there is no other reason for making a bunch of squares for video games.  So i pondered the idea of making a new game show dedicated to gaming.  At first it was going to do with everything gaming i then thought this was going to be a different idea altogether cause that idea was already used for my other project

That was an interesting channel to work on but i ran into some minor problems with the computer and within the time i had to get that repaired i ran out of ideas for the show and thought it was a little bit harder to make.  So The DCeric Show had to be something completely different and i decided then i wanted to talk about my favorite games growing up explaining the history of games aswell my memories.  Now i hear from some people sharing your memories might be a weird idea indeed it might sound like that but often when i talk to somebody about a video the first thing that comes out of there mouth is a memory they had with the game and i believe that has something to do with me talking about my memories.

The show has been hitting off well with the last 6 episodes but i then decided with another idea.  After a couple people i have spoke to they were telling me that i should to shows on newer games.  Well i had explained that this show is a different idea and i wanted it to be different from Game Reviewify.  So then i thought thats okay if people want new games and i wanted to keep it different from Game Reviewify i'll implement a new show called The DCeric Show Gameplay.  Gameplay would feature gameplay of newer games so people got a hint of cool new games im playing and thought it would make people thinking about buying the game for themselves.

So i then spoke to a pal of mine and he had told me that my show is great why dont you put more games into to each episode and i then thought to myself well i dont implement Gameplay into the current show it would make more sense.  Well the idea is great it hasnt started yet cause i actually just thought about it last night so the next episode will now feature Gameplay apart of the current show.  It'll feature newer, rare, and indie games that i think will get people to watch out for newer episodes.

All my ideas came together quite well but i guess your wondering why i came up with the idea of using DCeric as the name for the show.  Well it first started out in a chatroom for my region in Oshawa Ontario they had a website call Durham Central aswell as a chatroom.  Back then i was a tad bit of a bad dude and often if you ever seen anybody in the room with "DC" attached to the name it meant your a admin so i was just there to tease the other users and make people think i was an admin.  I know bad thing to do but that was along while back and i no longer do things like that.

But anyways back to the nickname i once again used DCeric as a nickname for forums dedicated to Dreamcast like and i also used for other sites aswell for the longest time.  So the nickname had a very long history to it and i find it had more to do with gaming then it did that chatroom as "DC" meant Dreamcast and im a big gamer so it stuck and i thought im going to use my nickname for the show.  Some people may think its a bit odd but i had a hard time thinking of a name and  even though the name sounds weird people will enjoy it for what it is.

Well i have now come to the ending of this blog entry i really hope you enjoyed what you read about my show i think that even though my shows have a history about games my show has a history aswell and it deserves a read.  So now im going to leave you with the first episode of The DCeric Show and i will add all the other episodes to follow in the week.

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