Saturday, November 19, 2011

The DCeric Show: Episode 2

Here is episode 2 of The DCeric Show this was a very favorite game of mine.  I remember playing the first game and thought it was amazing.  Im glad in the second game they went with using animation for video instead of using live action.

Yeah it may sound very weird that i think using animation would be perfect but the reason why the idea was so good is how it was done.  The game had a very dark feeling to it and the way the characters looked it made them have this realistic look.

Twisted Metal did bad with using real actors as the acting was really cheesy and kind of looked awful.  Im not saying it was an awful game though cause if it was that bad they wouldnt have made Twisted Metal 2.  But they did so much to Twisted Metal 2 it just made the series even better but it was sad that Singletrac closed there studio's and 989 Studios went on to making Twisted Metal 3 up to Small Brawl.

Twisted Metal 3 wasnt all that awful but the art you seen in Twisted Metal 2 was scrapped cause 989 Studio's couldnt grab the licensing for the engine that Twisted Metal 2 had.  So Twisted Metal 3 went on with a more cartoonish look for the characters and in game things looked a little more sharp but it really did change how the series originally was and they changed the ending character to someone that had nothing to do with the series and was weird and probably the reason why you didnt see him in any recent Twisted Metal games.

Twisted Metal 4 came along and 989 wanted to change the theme once again and it was a odd one.  It was more alien like to me taking the theme from a dark theme to something that came out of Area 51.  I didnt play that game all that much the gameplay all around was the same but it was just how the game felt to me that it took me out of the game.  But the thing that made Twisted Metal 3 and 4 good was its soundtrack with artists like Rob Zombie and others which made the game the only reason why to play it.

Then Small Brawl came along and some of the developers that worked for Singletrac formed Incognito Software which if you didnt know made Twisted Metal series what it is today.  But unfortunately Small Brawl wasnt one of them.  This game was directed morely near kids and kids were playing the original games anyways even though the rating was a higher age then what was recommended.  So Small Brawl wasnt the best selling game and was one of the last games that was made for PSX so people were moving away from that system to the PS2 where they could play something more superior.

Thats right Incognito wanted to bring back Twisted Metal to its roots they thought that 989 Studios really killed the game when they made Twisted Metal 3 and made it even worse when they made Twisted Metal 4.  What was even more awesome is they got David Jaffe who was the designer for the first game and then became the director, producer and designer of the second game and he went on to working on Twisted Metal Black for the PS2.

He then decided he wanted to bring the game back to its roots where it was before and i even remember him saying that Sweet Tooth looked like crap in the 3rd game.  He didnt put hate on Twisted Metal 3 and 4 as it kept the same game play but it just changed what the series was all about.  Well since Twisted Metal Black the series has once again became a fan favorite with Twisted Metal Head On which was released for PSP and released for PS2 as Twisted Metal Head On: Extra Twisted Edition and would add extra content.

Well 2012 is coming and were still waiting on the new game which is called Twisted Metal yeah its using the same name as the first game.  I always find it weird when companies do things like that cause you'd think they they couldnt come up with anything better.  Well they could have gone with something like Twisted Metal 7 or something. Anyways the name may sound bad but we've heard that the game has some pretty cool features which i dont know if they have scrapped by now.  But i cant wait for the game and i know you cant either.

Well thanks for reading once again and if this news post didnt give you all the information you wanted you should check out the video at the top of the page.  Once again there is currently 6 videos to watch and i am gradually adding them to this blog.  Dont worry there will be more video's added soon to the DCeric channel just give it time.  So visit for more information on the games and get a more in depth experience as you get to see the game play and there might be more information in the videos that you dont see here.

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