Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The DCeric Show T-Shirt

Thats right last week i decided to promote my show with making a T-Shirt.  As being my first shirt i forgot a couple things one of them being really important to the shirt and the other minor.  The minor problem was that i chose a small resolution of the logo which can cause a little pixelation. Mean while that seems bad its not that bad the picture turned out alright but the next time i'll be using a larger resolution.  The most important problem was that i forgot to put the link to the website on the shirt (  

The reason why thats important is if you want to know why people are looking at the shirt it better be for a good reason and that should be linking you right to my youtube site.  I did a layout at first but i took it off cause i didnt like the layout and wasnt thinking about how i could make it look good on the back of the T-Shirt i tried it on the front but that was a really stupid idea.

Being the first it doesnt look bad its mine so i know where the website is but the next time i'll be using a much better resolution of the logo and a website on the back of the T-Shirt.  Anyways as usual please check back here for more information on the show and check out the youtube channel for more information.  If you'd like to know who i am then add me at

Thanks for watching/reading


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