Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How to play Dreamcast games in HD

Well i have decided to make another video.  Only this time its not a review.  Its a how to video which i feel alot of people would be interested in watching if your fans of the Dreamcast.

There is alot of people who want a VGA adapter so you can play your games in 480p.  Of course that technology is old and we want to get a rid of the standard definition and get into 1080p High definition.

There is people out there who thought of getting them selves a VGA to HDMI converter that will up convert into 1080p.  That still wont give you the quality that you want as up converting basically mean s stretching it to use the whole widescreen aspect.

Well lucky for us there is a team who has built a successful emulator called Null DC.  What this emulator does of course lets you play Dreamcast games.  The cool thing about this is it also allow you to play Dreamcast games in 1080p.  Being able to play your Dreamcast collection in 1080p using the Null DC emulator is a much cheaper route then having to buy HD Converters which can cost you over 80 dollars.

If you own a Dreamcast SD Adapter and a SD Card and have some GDroms this video is for you.  In the video i'll show you how to play your Dreamcast collection in HD and i also show you some games i got working with my GDrom collection.  I believe the Dreamcast was a great system and if the system had the specs of today's hardcore video game systems, or computers we would have amazing quality.

I took the time to do this video cause i feel that Dreamcast players will really enjoy the quality of what they are getting.  Also this doesn't mean we have to get a rid of our Dreamcast systems cause not all games are compatible with the emulator and the Dreamcast system can be used for many other things that Null DC is unable to do.

I really hope you enjoy the video and i really hope it will change your mind about getting a clunky expensive hd converter.

Eric Frendo-Cumbo