Thursday, November 4, 2021

DCeric Productions: Jetmoto 2 Championship Edition, Two Tracks Great Sho...

Today I show you guys a short one.  I was only able to remember of two tracks that could take advantage of some clipping that can help push further ahead in first place.  I don't show the full track cause I don't believe there's a real need to do that but I show you the most important parts that can help you win.  There's a few other levels that take advantage of using turbo however I'm pretty sure anybody can push those ones without any issues so those aren't included.

Monday, November 1, 2021

DCeric Productions: Samoliotik Playthrough on Steam

Today I show you guys Samoliotik for Steam on PC.  This game is really odd and I wouldn't say this is a great game at all.  For those who are collectors of achievements and stamps then this might be for you.  Anyways check the video out.

If you like this game you can get it from: