Wednesday, August 7, 2013

DCeric Play's: Tetris Friends (Browser Gaming)

Well I had some more time to play some video games today so I decided to play Tetris Friends which can be played at  I'm a pretty good player but I start having issues as I get to rank 14 and my wrists starting to hurt cause of where they have to be positioned to play the game.  I'm a big Tetris fan and I've been told i'm a pretty insane player so that is why I decided to bring it forward to people during a Twitch play of the game.

Yes the video has its quirks like its last but very minor I have multiple screens show up during breaks thats cause of the window selection of the screen I have chosen and I have to keep switching back and forth from Tetris Friends to Twitch to see the live chat.  Anyways enjoy the video if your a fan of Tetris you might like what you see.

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