Friday, August 16, 2013

DCeric Play's: Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst (previous episodes)

This week I have been playing Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst with my good friend Andy and ft. Michael from Midwestslackers (  I had all episodes uploaded to Youtube but I wasn't able to record them as whole videos and ended up having them split into different parts that is up until now.  I didn't like them being split cause it spammed to much and there was just way to many videos.  So now I have all the episodes in seperate parts.  Part 1 being the Forest, Part 2 being Quests and Part 3 being the Caves.

Enjoy my friends and if you ever want to watch the show come join at 10pm(est) weekdays and prepare for some awesome give aways.

(Forest PT.1)

(Quests PT.2)

(Caves PT.3)

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