Friday, October 4, 2013

Jetpack Joyride Free for PS3

Jetpack Joyride has been released for Blackberry, IOS, Android and Windows mobile phones.  The game also got released for Windows 8 and then not to long after it got released for PS3, PSP and PS Vita.  The game has been released for free on all platforms except the PSP version which got bad reviews on other dedicated game review sites.

I first played the game on Windows 8 and shortly there after I tested it on my father's iphone, my mothers android based phone and not to long after that for the PS3.  Whats interesting about this game is it captures the retro goodness of the 90's.  The graphics kind of remind me of the 16bit to 32bit decade of gaming.

The main objective is to fly as far as you can get in the game.  As you get further in the game the speed progresses faster and you have dodge electric prods, missiles and electric lasers that move in different positions each and every time you run into them.  The main part of the game has you doing missions which as you see in the video I have to tap each light there will also be others like giving high fives to the scientists and many more.  You have 3 missions per play and when you beat one mission it will be filled in place with a new one.

The game can get generally hard but through the game game there is a few things that can help you out.
Through out each play of the game you can collect coins which is in game money that can be spent in the in game store.  You can buy clothing, items that enhance your characters actions and items that'll help you progress through each play.  Each play through you also have special gadgets that help you as well.  There is a dragon, a bird plane, a motorcycle, a magnet suit, a mech and a teleport that come at random times when ever you hit a rainbow tool box.

My favorite of all of them is the bird plane which I feel is pretty easy to handle and is actually quite a funny character.  Each and every time you get one of these special gadgets the speed slows down but gradually speeds up and once you hit an object your gadget then blows up and you go back to playing the game as your original character.

There is another special coin in the game to collect which has an X marked on it.  These items will fly across the screen at any given moment and even at times where you have to dodge those lousy laser beams or electric prods or even those rockets.  When you die you play a slot machine type of game but you are only limited to play the game for how many X coins you picked up. The items in the game can either revive you, give you double coinage,  explode your character farther on the play field or can even double up your X coins so you can continue to play the slot machine for more chances at getting more items.

Now for the sound it isn't to bad but I don't believe you'd listen to the games main theme on the road unless of course your a big fan of video game music.  Generally there is only one track through out the game and it can get a bit repetitive but thanks to the games features it can be easily ignored.  The game also includes sound effects not that you'd really pay attention to them anyways but some of the objects contain sound effects and there is also explosion sound effects.  The sound effects aren't all that great but yes the explosion sound effect sounds pretty awesome.

Well if you beat the game then your next mission is to compete against your buddies score.  Every time you play the game records how far you got in the game and the highest mileage you have reached will be on the main screen which is pretty much your score in the game.  The game also includes 12 achievements which I haven't collected yet on the PS3 version.

Well as you can see I played rather poorly in the video.  I actually beat the game on Windows 8 and grabbed all of the achievements.  I found the game to be pretty fun and at times really difficult but you should gradually be able to beat the game with good strategies.  The only thing I found to be annoying like most mobile games or any games of this decade is it contains micro-transactions which help you either skip missions or buy certain items that you can buy with the in game cash.  So there is no real need to spend your money unless you are finding the game rather difficult.

I found that when the game was first released on the PS3 the framerate had issues and that could be cause its a port of a mobile game which is a completely different architecture then consoles and PC.  But the game actually plays a lot better now on all platforms as long as your platform can handle it.  The PS3 version got a good port with the only issue being that it has borders but it contains most of the areas that are available in the mobile versions of the game.  From what I have played of the Windows 8 version I don't believe it contains the volcano part of the game.

Well this game is pretty excellent if you like what you read from my review and watched the video above then you should give this game a try.  If you would like to get your hands on Jetpack Joyride for PS3 you can get it at the following link:!/en-ca/cid=UP4249-NPUB31097_00-JETPACKJOYRIDE00.

For all other versions of the game check the store apps for whatever device you prefer to play the game on and enjoy the game!!!

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