Thursday, October 3, 2013

Asgard Met Vikings (Amiga)

My buddy Kojote told me about this cool game.  He is a big fan of Amiga games and usually anything related to retro gaming and can't stand the gaming of today.  Well I some what understand his issues with gaming today and I decided I would check out Asgard Met Vikings which is available for free as a download for playable on Amiga.

There is a single player and 2 player game selection.  I have only been able to play the single player mode so I can't explain how fun it is with 2 player mode but i gather it would be fun to add a buddy into the game. The single player game is pretty fun you play as Svelgur and you catch beer bottles from Odin a god from Asgard.  After collecting up to 10 beers you have to go to the barrels at each side of the screen to fill them up.  You must fill the barrel's or you can't capture anymore beer bottles.

When you have dropped 10 beer bottles its the end of the game.  Also you'll have to dodge and wack gremlins that get in your way.  You collect score points in the game from dropping beer bottles in your barrels and wacking the gremlins.  At the end of each game you'll be able to put your name in for a Highscore.  I had an issue with that using WinUAE but I believe that has been resolved.

In 2 player mode your buddy plays as Ragnar and you play as a team doing everything you do in the single player mode.

The game was created by Evoke with coding by Pinhead, Graphics by Lemmy, Music by Premium and the website was developed by Kasbah.  The graphics of course are like your average 16bit game with colorful and shiny sprites which pull your eyes right into the game.  The music in the game isn't to bad either for a simple small mini game but don't expect a lot of music.  The game plays overall not to bad I think there might be a few glitches where you can walk right through a gremlin without it hurting you i'm not really sure if this is a glitch or you just getting lucky.

Well anyways its a small little mini game and pretty addictive can you beat my score seen in the video above if so download the game from the link below.  In order for you to play the game on a standard PC you'll need the WinUAE emulator I won't link that here but you'll be able to find it with a quick search on Google. Do not ask me for the BIOS Rom's again Google will help you with that.

Game is available at:

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