Sunday, April 26, 2020

Windows 95 - Theme (WIN 10)

Well lately I've been slipping back into the past a bit.  I remember enjoying Windows 95 as a kid of course not knowing half as much as I do now.  So I decided I wanted to give Windows 10 a bit of a retro look.  Found a Windows 95 Desktop background, have the Windows 95 start up sound and have a Windows 95 log as a boot pic.  Mind you I have shaky hands but it shows exactly what I wanted.  I wish I could update the Windows 95 font with a white outline so I didn't have to have a white background which kind of breaks it a tad.  None the less it looks decent to me.

To update your Windows 10 boot image I used a program called HackBGRT.  This will allow you to change your boot logo using a UEFI bios.  Make sure you don't have secure boot enabled or it might break things so take this as a precautionary and don't blame if you mess things up.

HackBGRT can be found here:

Startup Sound was changed using WinAero's Startup Sound Changer which is now being used in WinAero's Tweaker Software which can be found here:

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