Sunday, October 18, 2020

Brook Wingman SD Issues

(UPDATE) 10/22/2020: I've got into contact with Brook Accessory and everything is working perfectly now.  I couldn't be more thankful for their help in this issue.  Apparently the reason why they didn't reply back was they didn't know my messages were going to junk.  So yes this is all fixed up now.  The issue with the A1 controller isn't much the A1 controllers themselves its that I have a fake controller.  However the A1 controllers do need that extra 5v's of power to work properly with vibration so if you got a Y cable from a spare external DVD rom use that or buy one on Amazon.  That'll fix the vibration issue with the PS3 A1 controllers.  Also do enjoy the new capabilities of using a wired or wireless keyboard for PSO or other games.

This is the video I sent to Brooks Accessory to fix a few issues with the controller.  I did a regular update and a beta update and this issue hasn't got fixed since posting this video.  They haven't replied to me or anything.  Then of course a week later I was using the Xbox One controller and one game I was playing didn't have custom button config so I used the Wingman SD's built-in  mapper.  You have to map a button by holding the guide button then pressing the start button at this point its in mapping mode.  So example if I wanted the "A" button for the *Right Trigger I'd press the Right Trigger then "A".  After that I would press Guide again and it would work like gold.  

But of course there was a problem mapping when I accidentally mapped the guide button to the "A" button.  That's okay right?... Wrong yes there is a reset feature by pressing the guide button and start button followed by select and start and you'll get a good vibration notifying you that its been reset.  After that you have to press guide again to put it in place.  But there's the issue when doing this while in reset mode or even mapping it is already detected as a mapped key so now the guide button is known as the "A" button and the reset can't complete.  

So I don't know why there wasn't a reset button built into the module cause that would have made total sense.  That or even have software reset as well.  But that isn't available and for $60 it seems like a great product but if you have these issues to me it's not.  I'm totally bummed about this and we got guys like MadLittlePixel reviewing this thing saying how awesome it is.  Also in his video its explained he went through an issue using a Arcade Joystick and there was an issue mapping.  

Believe it or not it was the next day and they solved his issue for a good review.  Yeah I'm a small guy it seems. So they could careless about solving this issue for me and others making this product a must have for any DC owner.  So here we go so far the Striker DC and the Brooks Wingman SD are bad products and my review may change if they get on the issues with their controllers.  After these issues I'm starting to think about not ever buying a third party product again cause this is just annoying and a total waste of money.

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