Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Need for Speed 2 (Win 95) Cannot Be Repaired

                                                               (click screenshots to enlarge)

I just thought I'd make a post here for Need for Speed 2.  I've tried compatibility hacks and using DXwnd and I had got no where.  I have however attempted getting as far as the game loading and getting to the menu's.  When a race starts that is where everything breaks.  Sorry folks as far as this one goes from what I see this isn't repairable.  However from what I have heard Need For Speed 2 SE with Glide Plugins does work and I'd recommend you purchase that version instead.  The only way to play the original Need for Speed 2 on PC is using Virtualbox using Windows 95 or maybe even Windows 98. At some point i'd like to actually try out using Windows 95 or 98 and seeing if I can get old games to work with it.  I'm just hoping that guest installation is possible with Windows 98 so I can enable 3D Acceleration.

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  1. Hi, this game work very well with Nglide


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