Saturday, December 14, 2013

The DCeric Show still on Hiatus...

That's right as the title says I am still on hiatus.  I from time to time have great ideas put through this mighty mind of mine.  At this moment I am still having some minor issues with health mostly being tired all the time and having no energy to put forward a great show.  But that isn't my main concern as of now.  The issue that is bothering me has been bothering me for awhile.  Youtube has now put stricter guidelines to their copyright restrictions.

Now even if your playing a game through a play through your video may get a copyright strike or 3rd party match even if your voice is included in the video.  Which means not only my live shows but my reviews might be attacked by this new restriction.  I don't know what is going to happen to my previous videos but I already got a copyright 3rd party match to my play through of Donkey Kong Country. I knew there was an odd issue regarding the video when there wasn't a complaint about how long the video was or the fact its the full game in 2 hours.

That's right I got attacked for using Donkey Kong Country music 98mins into the play through.  I'm not even doing monetization on the video and the video contains voice and I get attacked.  Its just a shame really cause if it was at the beginning or something I could understand the complaint but 98mins in and then say there is an issue.  Well as of right now I'm going to wait until Google and Youtube get this resolved and when they do I hope to come back with a review.

Its a freakin shame game companies attack Youtube users when what most of us try to do is advertise their game so people go out and buy it.  But nope the company wants to attack us with Copyright strike and 3rd party match.  Your basically telling us not to help you out which is a bloody shame.

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