Thursday, December 12, 2013

Road Blaster, Unofficially Ported (SNES)

I certainly don't ever remember playing this for any of the systems the game was released on.  However this is dated news but i'm sure there is tons of people who don't know about this news.  The game has been unofficially ported to the Super Nintendo.  The port developer however is on hiatus so you won't be seeing any further updates to the game until he comes out of hibernation.  The game is available for download and the author has also released the source code if anybody plans to do more work on this release or simply port it to other systems like the Dreamcast.

This game is one of those cinematic games where you have to press a certain button or number of buttons at a certain time so you can complete the game.  This version of the game is only compatible with certain SNES SD Cartridges and is only compatible with the BSNES (Super Nintendo Emulator) and comes in a wopping download size of 453mb's.  I'm not sure if there is any legal issues with this port but you must take this into your own hands and I won't be held liable for any problems that occur.  

Downloads and information available at the following link:

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