Tuesday, December 24, 2013

DCeric Game Previews: Screamer 2 (PC)

Well I have been thinking about Screamer 2 for awhile but it wasn't up until a friend had told me he got it and said it was a great racing game.  The game was released in 1996 for PC and was compared to V-Rally's gameplay.  The previous game played more like Namco's, Ridge Racer. The difficulty in Screamer 2 can be pretty hard. The easiest setting is called Rookie it might be easier then the rest and you'll have a better chance of winning with this difficulty.

But with all difficulties you'll still have cars either behind you or smashing into you making your car spin off the track and making it hard to drive.  The graphics in the game weren't to bad either this was around the time Anti aliasing was making its way into 3D gaming making polygons more sharp and smooth and of course making PC gaming ahead of its time allowing games to be played in higher resolutions.

The games controls can be a little rough around the edges cause racing games never feel good with a keyboard and today's gamepads may not work as good as the gamepads that were made to play with this game back in the 90's. The game contains 7 race tracks that includes a bonus level.  The game also includes four cars which include two 4WD, 1 FWD and 1 RWD.  I would highly suggest a 4WD cause these vehicles are easier to control.

This game isn't to bad from the little time I've had with it but I do plan on putting more time into it and if your fan of the Arcade racers of the 90's you'll love this one.  You can get this game at and its compatible with both PC and Mac OS X.  This game may also be compatible with Linux but has went untested. Right now there is an amazing deal so get it as quick as possible.

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