Sunday, December 15, 2013

Xump (2013) in game Screenshot (Puzzle Game)

Well the Xump team is still at work with Xump (duh) which if you didn't know had a release back in 2005.  I was told by the developer himself to forget about the 2005 version and prepare for this one.  I fondly remember the 2005 version the graphics weren't amazing but the one thing that kept me playing was the fun factor.  Its one of those games where you have to walk all over the bricks so you can make it to the finish.  It wasn't always easy to do and I remember quite a few times I had to restart a level and think real hard on how to complete a level.

The 2013 release will be pretty much an enhanced version over the 2005 release which I believe will contain the same puzzles and maybe new ones.

The developer also tells me he is unsure at the moment of which platform it will be released on first. The systems I do believe they will be released on is Dreamcast, GP32, PC, Amiga and possibly others. Most of Xumps developers also have worked on other titles like the Sqrxz series, and Giana's Return.  Both series of games have been favorable and have been mildly know as very strategic and difficult games which the developers have been known for.

At the moment there isn't a dedicated site for information on the game but you can join the Retroguru group on Facebook for future updates.

Video of Xump (2005) for Dreamcast

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