Sunday, December 29, 2013

DCeric Game Preview: Need For Speed III Hot Pursuit w. 3Dfx enabled (PC)

(video)DCeric Productions

Back in the 90's Need For Speed had a big name for itself.  These days the series still carries itself but where the hot pursuits started was in Need for Speed III Hot Pursuit for both PSone and PC.  There is a few differences over both versions of the game.  PSone had a few bonus levels and maybe a few extra cars but the PC version had 3D acceleration using 3Dfx graphics cards and you could also drive as the police and pull over other racers unlike the PSone version.

I of course started playing the PSone version first so the only disappointment to me was the 3 missing bonus levels which I believe could only be played during 2 player anyways.  I got the PC version in the early 2000's and if I could remember correctly 3D acceleration worked fine on x32 Windows XP with an early Nvidia card.  But on future x64 Windows operating systems and newer graphics cards it made it more difficult to play the game with 3D acceleration or at all.

Well last night I don't know how I came across it but I found a video and tutorial on Youtube on how to get Need For Speed III Hot Pursuit to work on PC with 3D Acceleration.  The following link has a compressed file with a bunch of files you'll need to setup the game to work with 3D Acceleration along with the tutorial on how to do so.  The tutorial was not created by me but ChronoDog.

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