Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Quake 3 Arena IOQUAKE engine

Well right after I posted the news about how to install Quake 3 Arena somebody had mentioned an engine called ioquake3.  Ioquake3 is a quicker and easier way of installing Quake 3 Arena and is more up to date.  The software also allows for some pretty amazing mods as well as hi-res hacks.  So I guess you all want to know how to get Quake 3 Arena to play in Hi-Res.  Well the tutorial starts now:

Step 1:  Get ioquake3 from and download the engine as well as the data software. First install the engine before the data software it will warn you to do so if you install the data software first.

Step 2: Grab the pak0.pk3 file from the baseq3 folder either on your CD-Rom or from your Steam Apps folder.

Step 3: Copy and paste the file to the baseq3 folder which is located in the root of the ioquake3 folder.

You have now installed the game and you can begin playing the game without mods by clicking the ioquake3.x86.exe in the root of the ioquake3 folder.  But if you'd like to use the mods we will move on to the next steps.

Step 4: Your now going to want to download Metal-Tech v2.0 which will add texture replacements for icons for picks ups, weapon textures and more.

Step 5: Next your going to want to install the Metal-Tech v2.0 mod.  I actually had to install it to a separate folder on my desktop.  All it does is install a single file called "pak_Metal-Tech v2.0 Final.pk3" that you'll then want to copy and paste into your baseq3 folder in which is located in the ioquake3 folder.

Step 6: Next your going to want to download the High-Resolution Creative Commons Texture Replacement Pack from: Then your going to want to extract the "xcsv_bq3hi-res.pk3" file to once again the baseq3 folder in the ioquake3 folder.

Step 7: Next your going to want to take total advantage of the mods you just installed and Quake 3 only supports low resolutions.  But an app called  Quake 3 Resolution Changer allows you to play the game in high resolutions.  So go to and download it now. Then copy extract the Quake3ScreenResolution.exe file to the root of the ioquake3 folder.

Step 6: Next your going to want to open Quake3ScreenResolution.exe and choose your resolution whether it be 1920x1080 or in my case 1680x1050 and make sure fullscreen is checkmarked.  After that push "create profile shortcut on desktop" button.

Step 7: On your desktop click the "ioquake3 1680 x 1050" icon it may have different numbers in there and that of course is what you set your resolution at.  Once clicked you have successfully installed Quake 3 Arena with two replacement packs and a high resolution changer.

If done correctly you should have something that looks like the video below which was captured on Windows 8.1:

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