Monday, June 8, 2015

Troy Re-released for Windows (update)

So I already posted this before but I had no clue he put the original Troy in the same location as Troy 2000.  James Saito made this for DOS back in 1996.  So the only other way to play this was using DOSbox. I made it so Dosbox is used as a front end but you won't have to do any commands.  You just open the game like any other Windows game or app and it will play as soon as you open it.  You can find the original Troy at the bottom of the page.

Troy for Windows features the following:

  • compatible with all versions of Windows 
  • compatible with the Xbox 360 controller
  • compatible with all monitors 
  • plays in 16:9 format but also should be compatible with 4:3
  • has a nice icon
Download is available at:

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