Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Game Reviewify Classics: Dirt 2 (Windows PC)

On this episode of Game Reviewify we reviewify Dirt 2 for Windows PC.  Yes since its release there has been three Dirt games released which include Dirt 3, Dirt Showdown and Dirt Rally.  I had played the first Dirt which was pretty amazing and played like a lot of classic Rally racers.  Then of course Dirt 2 comes out and its not to bad but a lot of people complained about using real Rally Racers in the game.  That got fixed in Dirt 3 however they added Gymkhana and that got a black lash in that game.  Then of course Dirt Showdown got released to tell players that Gymkhana will be a spin-off series hense the release of Dirt Showdown.  Then Dirt Rally got released however its in its early stages and I don't have much information on this but its supposed be like the first game without Gymkhana and the usage of real Rally Racer influences in the game.

You can grab Dirt 2 at the following link for Windows PC and console:

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