Saturday, June 20, 2015

Game Reviewify Classics: Jetmoto 2 (Playstation)

On this episode of The DCeric Show I show you Jet Moto 2 for the PSone.  Jet Moto 2 is bar far one of the greatest Jet Moto games in the series.  The only thing I think that sucks is that competition mode was removed and the greatest hits version only contains 4 players instead of 8 from the original Jet Moto 2.  Jet Moto 1 contains I believe 16 players in a race but I don't think it was that important.  Jet Moto 2 contains new tracks as well as all the tracks from Jet Moto 1 so you get a trilogy in one game pretty much.  Jet Moto 3 was then released and I didn't enjoy it the first time I played it but maybe my perception of the game might change at this point.... I don't know.

You can grab Jet Moto 2, Jet Moto and Jet Moto 3 from the following link and you can get the games from PSN:

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