Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Android Isn't As Stable As I Thought

Alright i'm sure you guys had seen my post about Android x86 and how hyped I was about it. Today I don't feel as hyped as I ran into a problem which I can't even identify at this moment. I do have a few suggestions of what could have caused it to happen but they aren't even really definite ideas. I guess at this point I can't really say the OS stable enough to keep as a daily machine and I may have to go through some more tests just to see what the issue actually is.

Anyways I'm sure you all are dying to know what the problem was. Well you see that screenshot above well of course that won't show any definitive problem. But the actual problem is it won't get passed that screen and I was forced to reinstall the OS. Now of course this could be related to a few things. I had adblock installed on the OS which I use on web browsers so I don't see the ads on my blog so I don't run into any issues where I accidentally press one and get into loads of crap.

Well Adblock doesn't work to well with Android x86 and who knows if the software is buggy with other Android equipment. What ends up happening is web pages will no longer load and I guess the software just doesn't work. I ended up having to uninstall Adblock and everything worked again.

Next up I thought I'd give Kodi a try and while hardware encoding doesn't work and makes the software completely crash setting it to software encoding seems to solve the problem indefinitely. So of course I was able to watch a few things before passing out and going to sleep. Of course we know what happens when I wake up.

One other issue is the keyboard I'm using has a busted USB cable so at times it doesn't get read properly by the system. What ended up happening at boot it kept looping through trying to boot through the keyboard option. Of course I couldn't get to the logo or login. Rebooted the laptop and was finally presented with the Android logo which wouldn't boot to the login. I even tried pulling all devices out of the laptop to see if it was related to that and it wouldn't work.

I had also tested a command which was requested by Android x86 users. Change the following command from "androidboot.hardware=android_x86" to "androidboot.hardware=x86". However that didn't solve the problem either.

So all and all yes its not completely stable so be careful messing around with the operating system and time to do some more tests.

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