Sunday, March 25, 2018

How to Fix Stutters and Lag in Classic Codemasters Racing Games (PC)

Here is a fix for some classic Codemasters racing games including Grid, Grid 2 and others.  Do note that this isn't a fix for Dirt 1 that game has some odd issues for multiple core cpus.  If your having issues with slowdowns, stuttering and lag its not cause your computer sucks its cause of a feature in the games that needs to use the hard drive for replays.  So here is a really simple fix.  What were going to want to do is go to our C:\Programdata folder.  Then look for Codemasters and in there should be a few of your favorite racing games.

So I'm going to use this as an example but Grid should be in there.  So what were going to want to do is go to C:\ProgramData\Codemasters\GRID\DataCache\YourUsernameHere\replay.  In there should be a file called replay.pbf.  Now what were going to want to do is right click on that and go to properties.  In there at the bottom check mark "read-only" and press OK.  Now all  your going to want to do to fix the other games in your collection is go to there \DataCache\YourUsernameHere\replay folder and do the same thing.

Now if you don't have a replay.pbf file in there all your going to want to do is open Notepad.  So once you opened up Notepad go to save as and open your \DataCache\YourUsernameHere\replay folder for whatever Codemasters game your doing.  Remember to click on "all files" and save the document as replay.pbf.  Go to the \DataCache\YourUsernameHere\replay folder you saved the file in and right click on it, go to properties and click on "read-only" then press OK.

Done now you don't have to worry about the stuttering, slow downs and lag.  Have fun playing your Codemasters racing classics.

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