Friday, March 16, 2018

How to Restore Backed Up Origin Games (PC)

For those of you who want to restore your backed up Origin games its pretty simple.  What your going to want to do is open Origin and begin downloading the game you have backed up for about 10secs.  Once you have let the download go for about 10secs close Origin.   Now locate where you have your previously downloaded games backed up to.  Right click on the folder of the game and select copy and then paste it into the "Origin Games" folder that is currently assigned to your Origin which should already contain a folder with the same name as the backed up game.  Once pasting into that folder it will ask to replace over any of the files and you'll want to select yes.

Then finally open Origin and the game that you had selected to download will now begin to verify the files.  Once verifying has completed which takes a bit of time it'll then become available to play.  Now remember each time you do this to let the game download for at least 10secs and make sure the program is closed before copying any files over.

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