Saturday, April 14, 2018

Sega GT Fix For Windows 10 (PC)

Here is a fix a lot of you are probably looking for.  The game has issues with sound on later versions of Windows so this fix may not just be for Windows 10 but anywhere from Windows Vista Up.  So I have found that all the sounds exist there might be a few that aren't like at the beginning of the race you can't hear the car revving up.  Also the main menu sound is all there however exiting from a race the main menu sound disappears.

So lets begin the tutorial:

So first up were going to want to install the game.  Make sure you install the game directly on the C: it may work in the program files x86 folder it may not so give it a try but I have it installed directly on the C:.

Once you have the game installed on your computer go to the folder and delete the two ".avi" files.  They aren't too important anyways its just the "Activision" logo video and then a Sega GT intro video.  If you want to watch them anyways you can rename the files and watch them with your favorite video player.

Okay well that's it for this tutorial the game should now be playable to its full content.

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