Sunday, October 20, 2019

Rename Multiple Files With Bulk Rename Utility (Windows)

Okay well this is guide for anyone who has had issues with the Windows 8 to 10 back up utility.  When you turn on the back up utility for Windows 8 to 10 you have to turn on File History first.  To restore your files from a current back up on a drive you must first turn on file history from there go back to back up click more options and click restore files from back up.  This I did not know and I ended up messing up my current back up.  So what was left were all my files with an ugly UTC stamp.  Example being at the end of the file before the extension ends with something like this "(09_07 05_13_23 UTC)". 

So what ends up happening is if some of your files are save files for games or applications in general or anything it will not open properly do to the stupid UTC stamp.  So in this tutorial I show you how to rename all your files easily.  Now notice I did not say quickly and that is cause yes it will help speed up the process but depending on all your backed up files in millions of backed up folders you will need to do this for *****EVERYTHING!!!!!*****.   Now yes I had to say this loudly cause its a pain in the butt but it also saved me some space getting a rid of stuff I did not need but you may lose some important stuff if you hate having to do this process. 

There maybe an easier way of having the software find all the files with the UTC stamps.  I found however that some of the files had a different date for the UTC stamp and yes I forgot to mention that the date is what's in the UTC stamp if you did not yet notice that.  Well doing this is quite simple first download Bulk Rename Utility from  Next install and open the program.  Once opened select everything you see in the screenshot below in Remove which is highlighted in RED in the software.  Uncheck Add, Auto Date, and Numbering.   Where it says words put the UTC stamp in its place for example (2019_09_07 05_13_23 UTC) don't forget your UTC stamp is obviously different.


Next select all the files you want to rename by pressing and holding CTRL followed by A.  To rename all the files you selected press and hold CTRL followed by R.  You may get prompts to continue if you think you're doing something right just press "OK" to continue.  If you want to not see the prompts just click the disable button the moment a prompt comes up.  Well if you've done everything correctly your files should now be renamed to their original format without that crummy UTC stamp. 

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