Monday, May 1, 2017

Star Wars Racer (Physical Windows 10 fix)

Now a lot of this information has come from (PC Gaming Wiki)

There is a bunch of information on how to fix Star Wars Racer for Windows 10 from that site. I chose the simplest bit of information from the site that should most definitely get this game running on your computer with Windows 10 x64.

First off your going to want to install the game manually no game patches or fixes and don't even try with the CD-ROM cause it will not work.  So what were going to want to do first is create a folder at C:\games\racer.  Choose what is best for you but later we'll be making a reg file which will be specific to this location however you can manually edit it yourself to the specific location you have the game installed.

Next your going to want to grab all the files and folder from the gnome folder on the CD-ROM and copy them over to C:\games\racer.  Go to the root of the disk grab racer.exe and copy and paste that over to C:\games\racer.  Now go to the install folder on the CD-ROM grab the following DSETUP.dll, DSETUP16.dll DSETUP32.dll, SysCheck.exe, SYSCHECK.INI and Website.exe and copy them over to C:\games\racer.

Your layout should look like this:

Now were going to want to open notepad and copy the following information.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC\Star Wars: Episode I Racer\v1.0]
"Install Path"="C:\\Games\\RACER"
"Source Path"="D:"
"CD Path"="D:"
"Analyze Path"="D:\\INSTALL\\SysCheck.exe"
"Source Dir"="D:\\"
"Display"="Primary Display Driver"
"3D Device"="Microsoft Direct3D Hardware acceleration through Direct3D HAL"
"Display Width"=dword:00000400
"Display Height"=dword:00000300
"Fix Flicker"=dword:00000000

Now remember how I said earlier that you can edit the paths of your drives so you can edit the following before saving. 

"Install Path"="C:\\Games\\RACER" [Install Path]
"Executable"="C:\\Games\\RACER\\SWEP1RCR.EXE" [Install Path]
"Source Path"="D:" [CD-ROM]
"CD Path"="D:" [CD-ROM]
"Analyze Path"="D:\\INSTALL\\SysCheck.exe" [CD-ROM]
"Source Dir"="D:\\" [CD-ROM]

So save the file as racer.reg place it anywhere and double click it.  Press okay and get ready for the next steps.

Now next your going to want to download dgvoodoo 2.54 from

Now open and drag over all the files to the root of C:\games\racer.  Next grab all the files from the MS folder and put them into C:\games\racer.

This is what the folder should look like now:

Now were going to want to open dgVoodooCpl.exe and change the following to as exactly what is shown in the picture.  Note though the first under config folder / running instance should be pressed to automatically set to the install folder or this won't work and once done move to the next items circled.

Next we'll want to go to the DirectX tab where we can change our graphics settings and remove the dgvoodoo watermark (only if you have tested to see if its working).

Once you are done settling this all up click apply and get ready to play your game in high resolution.  Enjoy playing this in 4k if you have a 4k TV!  

(WARNING)  You may possibly have two mouse pointers on the screen.  Ignore the basic mouse pointer and use the blue one you can see it if you move the mouse around a little bit.  You'll be able to fully enjoy this game with this small issue.

Now how about some screenshots:

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