Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Iron Commando and Legend IndieGogo

I know I haven't posted news here in awhile and its cause I've been trying to change things up a bit.  But I guess I'll post something a little news related here right now.  There is 4 days left for the Iron Commando and Legend IndieGogo made by Piko Interactive.  There is lots of gifts to be grabbed depending on what you have pledged for the game.  There is still 12 grabs left for the Iron Commando and Legend downloads for PC.  Grab them quick but look at what else is up for grabs if your interested in anything else.

Both games are kind of rare for the SNES and now you'll have a chance to be able to play them.

Please check the following link for more information and hopefully we will see this game come to PC and SNES

Make a pledge at:

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