Friday, April 7, 2017

How To Install Nvidia Drivers Without Geforce Experience (PC)

Today I decided I wanted to make this post cause I've been getting sick and tired of Nvidia Geforce Experience.  Geforce Experience is good for a few features however its driver install is garbage.  Every time I go to install the driver with custom settings and set it to clean install it wants to restart my computer without notification.  Yet doing so without Geforce Experience involved altogether using the driver install the old fashioned way doesn't make you restart.  So in the following image you'll see where the driver is downloaded to and of course the date specified when downloaded so you know which one to use.  So for example I downloaded on 2017-04-7 you'll need to look for the folder that specifies that date.  Open that folder and you'll find the driver installer in there.  Open it and go through the same process without having to restart the computer.

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