Friday, February 26, 2016

Super Stars V8 and WRC 3 Stuttering Fix (Windows and Nvidia Cards)

Well I have had this issue in a few games and didn't realize that the fix was right in front of my eyes.   Well not quite in front of my eyes but not that far that it was that difficult to setup.  Okay so what your going to want to do to solve this problem is open up the launchers for whatever game you have.  Next your going to want to go to the video options and use the screenshot below to match your settings.  Both WRC 3 and Super Stars V8 have similar looking options.

Make the options look like this and select whatever resolution you want to use:

Okay so once you have those options in place next your going to want to open up Nvidia Control Panel and go to the Manage 3D Settings section and go to the Program Settings tab.  Now look for WRC 3 and Super Stars V8 and use the following settings.  Remember that some of these settings may not work well with lower end cards but I'm using a Nvidia Geforce 480 GTX and it works pretty good.  If you want to make the game run better change the Anti-Aliasing setting to a lower setting that works well with your card.

Change only the settings that show and there maybe  some settings missing those are not important:

There you go now you can play your game without any screen tearing and stuttering.  Oh and this may work for other games in the Milestone library.

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