Saturday, February 27, 2016

Evolve Network Driver Compatibility Fix (Windows 10)

If you don't know what Evolve is its an interesting software that allows you to play games that no longer support online multiplayer.  By doing this though the game has to support LAN play.  How this works is you go to sign up and download the software.  One you download the software and install it then you will have to login and create a room.  Your first time setting up a room you will be asked to install a driver for the virtual network.  Once you have done that you would usually be able to create your room and you'd see a network IP and anybody else who joins will have one to which means they are part of your virtual network.

Of course there is compatibility issues though and I believe this happens only with Windows 10 however it could be added to Windows 7 and 8 as well but not sure.  Well this fix is quite simple and all you need to do is edit the driver in device manager.  So all your going to need to do is set your settings accordingly to the screenshots you see below.  Before you begin make sure you open your room first and install the driver then make sure Evolve is closed after doing the fix it then should start working without a hassle.

Okay so the first screenshot will show you the current issue you are having and the following pictures will show you how to resolve the problem:

Now your going to want to open device manager by right clicking the start button:

Now in device manager go to Network Device  and expand it and right click on Evolve Virtual Ethernet Adapter and go to properties:

Now that your in properties go the advanced tab go to MTU and copy the value to the right and paste it in the MAC address:

Now go back to Evolve and open your room you should see those errors fixed from the first screenshot above:

There you go now you can play all your favorite games that you used to enjoy online that support LAN network tunneling.  As you can see in the picture its compatible with most classic games like Street Racing Syndicate, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 and many more.  They are currently working on version 2 of Evolve which is in beta but may fix this current issue.

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