Tuesday, August 26, 2014

DCeric Play's: Duke Nukem 3D using eduke32 (PC)

Today DCeric Plays: Duke Nukem 3D using the eduke 32 mod.  It adds 3D textures giving the game a next gen feel.  This was requested by Chris Fleet.

Game available at:

Mod is available at:

To get hi-res textures you'll also need this:

*There is lag in the video this mod is heavy on CPU usage turning off disk cache may help with this during normal play.  Video Capture software may also cause lag as well.  I mentioned in this video Duke Nukem 3D was released in 1998 it was actually released in 1996.  Of course not all the secrets were found in this game play video but this was more about the mod then the actual game. Sorry what was not explained in the video and explained to me to begin with is you'll need the hi res texture pack available in the third link. Eduke32 just adds polymer textures to the characters.

*For better performance turn off models. Disk Cache can only be used if you have enough VRAM.  This was mentioned to me on Steam by a user named >M@tEolt;

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  1. Lets count how many times I say alright in this video holy damn


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