Monday, January 13, 2014

DCeric Game Preview: Terrordrome (PC)

Its the game everybody has been waiting for finally being able to fight your favorite characters from your favorite horror films.  Well at first it seemed like a great idea but this game does have its bugs and also has its compatibility issues.  The site says it works with all versions of Windows and even Mac with "Crossover Games" an application which also allows Linux users to play some Windows games and is an engine of sorts for Wine.

However though they claim the game works with all versions of Windows it does but with some issues.  The game I would say is best played in a window on Windows 8 x64 and I believe you would have to do the same with Windows 7 x64 as well.  The problem with running in fullscreen is that the game is forced to play in a compatibility window and the game is stretched where the game isn't fully visible.  This of course happens in x64 operating systems which emulate old games.  This game was created for Windows 98 and above but with that compatibility comes the issue.

I don't know where to find any options to change the difficulty and the difficulty in this game at times can make this game feel unplayable.  There is an option to lower the speed but by doing this I have found it to make you not able to control your character and the AI also becomes completely unmovable.  Another option in the game didn't work at either and that was the time option which allows you to choose the time for each battle.  I selected 0 and other times and each match was still at 98secs.

The controls are another issue I have had with this game.  With a controller the game feels quite tight and not always in sync when you press a button and this issue also happens with the keyboard as well.  I found the only way to actually win a battle is of course button mash like crazy.

I also found that some of the characters don't have a good reach like other characters do and that can make a fighter game quite difficult.  The characters that do have a good reach make the game easier in fact and you could probably beat the game easily.

The graphics in the game are plus they look beautiful for a homebrew game however the compatibility issue with x64 operating systems doesn't make us fully enjoy its beauty.  The sound in the game isn't to bad either and its beautiful they ripped some of the characters popular one liners from the films.  There a bunch of characters to fully enjoy in the game even some I haven't seen before.

Its really hard to say to if anybody would enjoy this game even if your a horror film buff.  I'd say if your into fighters and really know how to deal with the controls then maybe this is for you.  Also these guys did put a lot of hard earned time into the game and also came across a few copyright claims from Warner Bros. for using Freddy Kruger this was around the time Warner Bros. was going to include Freddy Kruger as a playable character in Mortal Kombat for PS3, PC, and Xbox 360.

If you like what you see in the video above and are aware of the issues and still would like to play the game you can get it here:


  1. i wish they did have a difficulty setting the game is so hard for me it's nearly unplayable

    1. I really wish I could have enjoyed this game more but because of that and the other bugs its hard to go back to.


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