Friday, January 3, 2014

DCeric Game Preview: Quake w. HD Pack Mod (PC)

Quake was released for Dos/PC in 1996 the game of course was pretty amazing for its time and was probably one of the best looking games at the time.  In 1997 "id Software" then released GL Quake for Windows operating systems which was able to use graphics acceleration with a 3Dfx card.  It gave the game a big and major overhaul over its original release.  But it wasn't up until 2011 when one of the biggest mods of all got released called Quake HD Pack.  Simply one of the most amazing mods I have ever seen and if "id Software" ever decided to release an HD remake of the game for console I would get _Smith_ who is the creator of the mod to do it.

If you want to get this mod which I highly suggest you can get it from:

Of course you'll also need a purchased copy of the game or you can get it from Steam here:  

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