Thursday, October 28, 2021

DCeric Productions: We Need Better Service with Most Indie Shops

This is a short video and long overdo.  I do deal with anxiety and I have my fears about doing these sort of videos.  I also fear that I may get into trouble for doing this video.  I'll try my best with it.  I can't always say I'm a great customer but none the less this is the only problem I've run into regarding sales.  

All other sale issues I've run into were minor occurrences and most of the time were fixed.  Most of the issues I ran into were do to being late and not fully understanding on what I could do to solve the situation.  That's some what mentioned in this video but is referred to on a different perception on what happened to me with the GBA Consolizer.

I have never been angry on any purchase I've made but when spending a lot of money and not getting any help on the matter I'm sure you'd resort to vulgar language.  But I also wouldn't resort to that if you expect any help.  None the less I didn't receive it so it happened.  I wouldn't want anybody to percept me as a bad human being and I know have my issues and people are aware of them.  But they know behind the bad there's a good person.

So yes none the less today is a ramble video and it breaks my heart to have this happen to me or any others.  Watch the video and if you like it or have a comment please do so.


PowrUpGaming: Sells the GBA Consolizer but I have no information on their customer support and can't give an honest review.

Check them out here:


I of course have had it handed to me when buying the GBA Consolizer from them but that doesn't go to say you'll have the same issues.  But if you insist on buying from them the link will be displayed here:

Retrotink Products are amazing and they may have good customer support if you buy strictly from them.  I totally recommend buying their products if you're America you can get it from here:

If you're Canadian like me you'll probably want to purchase from RetroStuff.  I believe they're a good site however I didn't actually talk to them about this product.  I probably could get the information needed if I went directly to them.  Its a hefty price for the RetroTink 2x Pro or the 5x Pro but this is where you can purchase them.  

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